Sunday, March 7, 2010

Manifesto of the Spiritual Empowerment Movement

We dedicate ourselves to the transformation of the cosmos through the acquisition of Spiritual Power. The Spiritual Power we seek comes from the Ultimate Source of All Being. We recognize the temptations to give up our quest in the face of various forms of resistance and societal pressures. We will continually persist in our goal of ever-more fully embodying and living according to the Power which comes from the very Source of Life itself. We believe in the unending possibility of ever-more complete acquisition of this Power and the blessings associated with it.

We affirm that each person is made in the invisible image of the Creative Source of All Being. This invisible image is often referred to as the soul or spirit or mind. We affirm that the numerous invisible images and the Ultimate Source of Being are the most fundamental forces involved in the creation of what is commonly referred to as reality. We affirm that the most sacred relationship is between Creator and Creation is the relationship of the Great Over-Soul of the Creator to the created soul of each individual. We believe that this relationship involves the reception of and participation in Divine Essential Energy or Energies by the created image from the Creative Source.

We affirm the urgency of this task of spiritual transformation of the human being into the Uncreated Energy or Energies of the Divine Source. This is the most powerful and direct way for people to act in greater harmony with the desires of the Creative Source and the best aspects of themselves. This urgency also has its roots in the current state of the human race and the Earth that human beings currently inhabit. We affirm that we are at one of the most critical junctures in the history of the earth and the human race. There are those who desire to control other people and the wealth of the world for selfish aims. We stand in opposition to such greed and abuse and the many ways that people choose to live as immature, selfish little gods. We do affirm that each person is entitled to be themselves as fully as they can be, to share fully in the resources of the cosmos as everything that exists is for the benefit of all, not for the benefit of a few.

We affirm that each person is to be uplifted by the community or communities to which they belong with the means to produce things of value for others so that they may care for themselves and those who have been entrusted to their care.

We disagree with those who would affirm that there is only one best or true religion. We affirm that no one sect, denomination, religion, or faith tradition has the final say concerning all truth and goodness. Religions are human creations for the systematization, codification, and ritualization of the various forms of faith and infinite configurations of beliefs. We affirm that every religious system and order has a place in the cosmic economy of being. People have been created with free will, and nothing justifies the persecution or suppression of any form of religion over any other, ever. Each faith community has its unique role to play in bringing people into greater alignment with the desires of the Divine Source.

We seek not to create another religion. We seek to be a community of people committed to uplifting all people through living from a Deep and Persistent Divine Compassion. We are a movement committed to doing our best as we are empowered by the Source of Life to do. We participate in a variety of faith traditions, and our pursuit of Divine Power is part of our efforts to more fully live out the best of our particular faith traditions, while not being confined to the limitations of any religion or system.

As we affirm the place of all religions in the economy of the cosmos, we also freely choose from the various religions and faith traditions that the human race has created to help us communicate the contents of our personal and collective faith. Many in this movement will use or even adopt for themselves labels from particular religions or faith traditions. The use of labels, scriptures, languages, stories, symbols, signs, and rituals appropriated from various religions does not constitute a wholesale affirmation or adoption of everything contained in any religion or faith tradition. These choices are made to help us share our beliefs, experiences, and perceptions as authentically as we possibly can. We recognize and affirm the fundamental unity and infinite value of all people regardless of the religions and faiths that they embrace. We believe that what we share as human beings is of much greater significance than the differences between us. We believe that by focusing on what we have in common we increase our chances of experiencing peace and unity with the Creative Source, each other, and all of creation.

As members of this movement, we recognize that while we may have more affinity to particular traditions and/or communities, this affinity in no way diminishes our desire to come closer to the Truth than any system can allow. Since each system constitutes a frame, we desire to experience as much of the work of art of reality as we can that cannot be contained by any frame.

We recognize that we do and will continue to think and act in ways that are out of harmony with what we affirm and have committed ourselves to. We will do our best to correct our mistakes and trust that the Source will be able to undo whatever other harm we may have done that we cannot personally or collectively undo through our own agency - such is our belief and trust in the Ultimate Power of the Divine Source. There are things of which we are ignorant and there will always be things that are as yet unknown to us. We will seek to live lives marked by humility, even as we are determined to live boldly according to the Power we have received through persistent seeking in faith.

We affirm the ability of the Divine Source of All Being to use all circumstances for the advancement of the Source’s purposes. We affirm our belief that the Divine Source is completely and thoroughly benevolent. And while we do not believe that the Divine Source causes things that appear from some perspectives to be harmful, we do believe that the Source can help people use such circumstances as opportunities to come into greater alignment and harmony with the Divine Source. In fact, we believe that this is the very reason why the Source, in The Source’s infinite wisdom, allows such challenging circumstances to occur in the first place.

We seek wisdom and knowledge from the Source of All Being, for the purpose of knowing how best to live. We believe that the best way to live and act in the world is according to the Principles of Consciously Empowered Affirmation. We recognize that as we undergo the process of transformation according to Divine Power we will continue to be tempted to seek stagnation, protection, and contemplation as replacements for progress, strength, and action. We recognize that it is tempting to use humility as an excuse for timidity or inaction. We will do our best to allow the Source and our communities to help us overcome these tendencies to deny the truth of what we have received and experienced. We will seek to more fully live with generosity and magnanimity toward all, including ourselves.

We dedicate ourselves to loving those who would call themselves our enemies. We seek not to destroy anything, but to build up those things which are conducive to life and freedom and peace for all.

And while we do not claim to know the truths of alchemy as a physical science, we do affirm that there is a way to experience the Philospher’s Stone and the Panacea as actual facts in one’s own life. While immortality of the biomechanical aspects of a being may not be possible, personal knowledge of the immortality of the Spiritual Self or soul is a possible and a desirable goal whereby the existential anxiety that comes with the philosophical possibility of annihilation is circumvented for eternity through the acquisition of Eternal Energy or Energies. We recognize the very Power of the Divine Source as the means for healing every disease that the human race has brought upon itself through rebellion against the benevolence of the Cosmos and Divine Source of Everything.

We affirm that the way to acquire Spiritual Energy or Energies that make for the realization of to goal of Divinization, theosis, transfiguration, enlightenment, at-one-ment with the Divine Source is through sincere desire for its inflowing in a state of faith or trust that the Divine Source will confer this substance to every creature who earnestly desires to receive it and experience the transformation that it produces. This process is often referred to as prayer. To clarify, prayer that brings this substance comes from the soul or invisible image of one who seeks that which the Divine Source desires to share with each Spiritual Self.

We take humility seriously, knowing that while we seek that which comes directly from the Ultimate to the created, such reception does not make some more important that others, but rather it changes people in ways that make them more compassionate toward all life forms, affirming their worth and fundamental unity derived from creation by the One Great Source of Goodness.

We do not care what things are called so much as achieving results that lead to the transformation of people and thus the transformation of the cosmos for the better.

*If you desire to officially or unofficially join the Spiritual Empowerment Movement, please contact me. I would love to update you with stories, inspirations, affirmations, aphorisms, prayers, tools, techniques, resources, etc.
Posted by Bill Frase

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Bare Necessities

Due to another conspiracy of circumstances, it appears that I’m in the middle of getting another huge life lesson. This one seems particularly appropriate, given that we are in the “Thanksgiving Season.” I will share a little bit of what’s been emerging out of my self-perpetuated fog.

We all have so much to be thankful for. I know this seems really presumptuous for me to say, given the apparent realities of the moment. And yet I will persist in exploring this idea.

What is essential to human life? Air would be number one on my list. Most people would die without it in a few minutes. If you can find a way to live in your body without air for much longer than that, let me know. I’ll probably ask you to be my guru.

Number two in importance is water. We can last a bit longer without it than air, and yet most of us would die without it in a matter of days at most.

Number three is food. Again, we can live longer without food than the first two substances, and yet, most of us will die without getting any food for a sustained period of time.

I experience all three of these wonderful blessings in great abundance on a consistent basis, and yet lately, I have to admit that I have not been a particularly happy camper here on earth. I’ve been focusing on how things haven’t been going the way I’d like, on how things haven’t been lining up with my hopes or expectations. I have been choosing to see how circumstances have not been conforming to my preferences in terms of sequencing and timing.

I am alive! In other words, what have I got to complain about? Really? Not in relation to other people, but just given the facts that right now I have an abundance of air, water, and food. In the part of the world that I live in, I even find myself with more than adequate shelter to protect me from the elements. I even have a computer that is connected to millions of others all over the globe, where I can share my thoughts with anyone who cares to pay attention! Wow! On top of all of these blessings, I have people who actually love me and who allow me to love them to the best of my ability as well. Amazing! This brief list leaves out 99.999% of all of the blessings I can perceive and ones that I am not even aware of yet. If I weren’t so grateful right now, I’d probably be thinking of what an ungrateful jerk I’ve been lately!

One idea that I would like to propose is the possibility that everything above and beyond the big three (air, food and water) is pure, scintillating abundance. Everything. None of the other stuff is necessary. It is all wonderful extra stuff. We could find ways to live without it and still be happy and be ourselves. I’m thinking it’s possible. Feel free to disagree.

I had a lady tell me today that the only purpose for working is to make money. Right now I’m thinking that that’s a pretty interesting perspective, given the fact that I have absolutely no interest in breathing, drinking, or eating money. Most people who breathe the air aren’t aware of putting out money for it. Some people drink water without paying money to enjoy it. There are even people on this planet who are eating without any kind of monetary exchange involved in the process. If there is even a chance that all of this is true, then most (if not all) of the things that we desire, resist, dislike, fear, whatever, are simply forms of abundance that we can choose to accept into our lives or that we can release, since they are not necessary to our most basic survival needs. We can still desire them and enjoy them. I’m proposing the possibility of releasing our attachments that make us think that our peace and happiness are dependent upon their existence.

Every moment, whether we are aware of it or not, we have the power to choose differently. We have the power to be generous with ourselves and with others. We have the power, particularly at this time of the year, to be grateful for every single thing in our lives, the essentials and the extras, the great stuff and the less than great, and even the terrible stuff. Even with the terrible stuff, we are still alive and have the opportunity to move through the terrible to whatever is on the other side of it. It’s all good and of value. It all can serve a purpose if we let it. What would happen if we really believed that? Might we actually get to the other side of terrible more quickly and more joyfully if we saw it as a blessed gift instead of a dreaded curse?

I’m going to risk moving off point here with another thought. Isn’t it interesting how, in our desire to create all kind of wonderful extra non-essentials, we are in the process of destroying the ability of those very essentials to maintain and enhance our biological beings?

In the process of creating many of our extras, we are polluting the air with materials that are changing the way that the atmosphere works. In addition, we are saturating this basic and abundant blessing of air with toxic chemicals that are making so many of us unwell. In many cases the air is poisoning people and killing them and they have no idea that it is even happening.

We are doing the same thing with our water-turning the bounty of the fruit of the seas, rivers, and lakes into foods that are highly toxic. At the same time, we do many things to pollute our fresh water systems, turning this necessary resource into something harmful as well.

And then we grow and harvest all kinds of plant and animal foods, and in so many cases, we allow our greed to overshadow the truth that the earth doesn’t belong to any of us. How soon will we realize that good food does not come from factories? Good food comes from people who love life and who love the earth. Many of the world’s “food producers” today are not acting as responsible stewards of the resources entrusted to them. The price to life is already way too high. The notes have been maturing with interest for a long time. We’re going to have to dig deep into the pockets of our souls to balance our accounts with the earth we have borrowed so heavily against.

In all of these situations, many of us are acting as if we can do whatever we want without regard to the effects of our choices. The laws of cause and effect that govern the cosmos continue to be in effect. Even if we are not very aware of the operations of these laws right now, we all will become thoroughly consciousness of their perfect workings with perfect timing sooner than we might think.

And yet despite this meditation on the basics of human life and our choices regarding the stewardship of the sources of those basics, we have teachings from the scriptures of the faiths descending from Abraham stating “that man does not live on bread alone but on every word that comes from the mouth of the LORD.” (Deuteronomy 8:3)

As I have written before, there is Spiritual Power available to each and every one of us. It waits patiently for us to desire it that it might enter us and change us. It is an instantaneous responder to our desires. It is the highest frequency of energy known to humanity. It comes from the Divine Source of all Being. The New Testament of the Bible has this wonderfully succinct teaching on how we can experience it for ourselves:

"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” (Matthew 7:7)

As we ask and receive, we experience the strength and power that comes from the very Source of Goodness. We are changed, and as we are changed, so everything changes. The world is as it is because of how we are right now. When we allow ourselves to be changed, nothing will stay the same. Change is a sign of life. The world is our mirror and it reveals the truth to us according to the development of our consciousness.

I am thankful for each of you who have found this message. May it encourage you to seek and find the deepest desires of your heart. Every challenge we face as individuals and as members of the cosmos, can become the opportunity to receive the finest and most powerful energies available. And in receiving those blessings, we are ever-more empowered to assist in the birthing of a new humanity (starting with ourselves) and a whole new earth.

My blessings go out to you. May we all play our parts well as the cosmic drama continues to unfold within and without.

Posted by Bill Frase

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Excavating You

I'd like to share a little bit of what is coming through today for me.

We have all received messages throughout our lives from within and without indicating that there is something wrong, missing, and/or deficient about us. The basic idea is that we must become someone or something other than who we are. It's a lie. Who we are is enough. We already are who we really are. The challenge is letting go of all of the false ideas, beliefs, patterns, habits, behaviors that do not accurately reflect our true deep nature. Our true nature has been buried under layers of untruths accepted, like layers of paint on a lighting fixture.

We seek the light outside of ourselves when in truth it radiates from within. We reject and resist the shadows within ourselves and outside of ourselves (as unconscious projections of our inner shadows) when these are the perfect opportunities to better see the bright lights within and without.

Trying, pushing, dragging, pulling, or forcing anything at any time is a denial of the truth of our own power to be who we are, do what our hearts long to do, and have what we need to fully express our true selves. Yes, there are times that we are tested on our journey back to our true selves. We only ace those tests when we dig deeply into our spiritual selves and live from that brilliantly sane place. There is a firm and solid space available to each of us. We only feel disconnected from it when we try to stand upon the pile of debris that we have allowed to adhere to its dazzling surface.

I encourage you to spend some time with your deep self each day. Invest the time in excavating your own inner stronghold. As you do, you will gain the clarity to create a life that is a more accurate representation of your own deep soul nature. In very many ways, you are the answer you have been searching for. You are the solution to every challenge you experience. Your greatest treasures lie deep within you, waiting for you to recognize them so that you may better share them with others. Here's to the real you!

Posted by Bill Frase

Friday, September 18, 2009

Hidden Opportunities

This will be a short post. Each and every one of us is surrounded by opportunities in infinite supply. There's no shortage; there are no limits. And yet most of us, most of the time, miss all but a tiniest fraction of the opportunities that we are blessed with each and every moment of our lives.

I would like to encourage you to look at a circumstance in your life that has you hooked - something that when you experience it or think about it or hear about it really creates an emotional charge for you.

Spend some time focusing on that circumstance, pattern, or situation. Keep asking yourself or your Cosmos, Source or God the following kinds of questions:

What are the possibilities in this seemingly negative situation?
What is right in front of me that I am not seeing?
What is within my reach that I am not receiving?
What apparent limitations am I accepting as real?

So far there is no such thing as the discovery of a real limitation. Scientifically and philosophically speaking, no limitation has ever been proven beyond the possibility of doubt, ever. All perceptions of limitations are only hypotheses to be tested over and over again. The chances are very good that in the fullness of eternity, every hypothesis of limitation will not be supported by the evidence ultimately.

If you can really believe and trust that there is something of value in the situation (even if you can't perceive it right now), you will eventually discover it.

I wish you the very best as you allow the seemingly bad to be revealed for what it is, an infinite supply of opportunities!

Posted by Bill Frase

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Life without Limits

We are all being called to live as fully as we can all of the time. Every circumstance, no matter what its appearance (our interpretation) is perfectly co-created and attracted to us by the energies of our spiritual center or soul (and its associated energy systems). As we develop (which is both a matter of subtraction and addition), we grow in our ability to see the galaxy of gifts that reside within each and every circumstance (consciously desired or not). Everyone in our lives is our teacher and we are theirs. Everything in our life (and not yet in our life) exists to assist us in our process of change and growth.

Feel free to ask yourself questions like the following when you wonder why something is going on. Isn’t it interesting how we usually only wonder why something is happening when we don’t want it?

What am I choosing to focus on here?
What are the possibilities or opportunities in this circumstance?
What things can I learn from this person?
What could I let go of to change this situation?
What other, more empowering points of view I could take?
What am I refusing to see or acknowledge here?

Remember, just because you think a thought does not make it true. Actually all thoughts by their very nature are inherently limiting. This means that they can never be completely and totally true in and of themselves. The mind can only access energies up to a certain point. After that, other perceptual faculties must be engaged. Realize that beyond any thought you may have, even the most expansive and enlightened that you can imagine, there are even broader and more spectacular vistas to experience.

Continue to believe in them and seek them with your whole heart and you will always be more than pleasantly surprised.

Posted by Bill Frase

Sunday, September 6, 2009

What Lies Beneath

Recently, I have been contemplating the nature of belief. And through my studies and experiences I have come to understand that there are two basic kinds of belief.

There is the belief that something is true - what might be called intellectual assent.

There is also the belief in someone – what might be called faith.

It has really been hitting home lately that intellectual assent to particular ideas and concepts is not very helpful in getting what we want. In the mind, this kind of belief can create a sense of power and control. Actually it ultimately manifests itself as the opposite of power and in various forms and structures that are completely out of control.

Real power comes from believing in someone. There are many persons that are worth believing in. In this post, I’ll focus on two that you cannot afford not to believe in.

The First Person is God - the Divine Source - whatever you want to call the Consciousness Who Has Made Everything Possible. Believing in this Person (or these Persons as you may be so inclined) is so critical to experiencing success and fulfillment in our existence. Without believing in this One, we have no firm foundation to stand upon. Without faith in the Source,everything becomes random and meaningless except to the extent that we create games and stories that have to do with the accumulation of stuff that the bio-body’s senses can register easily and consciously. Without God, addiction is an acceptable way of being since there is nothing behind, above, or under what our bio-body’s sensory systems can detect.

The Second Person to believe in is ourselves. Believing in this person flows logically from belief in the First Person. But emotionally, at least for me, this has been a tougher one to accept and experience. Even though I trust that God creates everything good, and even as I can intellectually agree that God made me without any fundamental flaws or defects, honestly, this is not how I have viewed myself for most of my life up to this point.

For as long as I can remember, I have thought that I was this really horrible, terrible person. I was always looking to get caught for doing something wrong. I think this goes back to early experiences where I did something that others in my world appeared to interpret as being out of harmony with their desires. In those moments I decided to trust the apparent opinions of others (and my interpretations of those apparent opinions) regarding my actions. I even went so far as to take the extra step of making the assumption that because I had done something that did not align with another’s desires, then I must be a bad person myself. I know this makes no sense logically. I made a fundamental error in logic every time I took other people’s apparently negative attitudes toward my behavior and then jumped to conclusions that those attitudes had something to do with my inherent beingness. I chose to believe that there must be something inherently wrong with me as a person. Not a very empowering choice, I must admit.

For me these kinds of energy currents have been running so deep that I have not been very aware of them for the most part. It was only recently that I realized that I had to let these limiting patterns of thought and feeling go if I was to have a chance at helping people in the ways that I desired to be of service. Part of the reason I’m writing this now is because I hope that my sharing some of these discoveries may help you on your journey.

None of us wants to think we are evil or bad people. We all want so badly to be good and to do what’s right. But many of us have accepted stories and interpretations that go against the truth of our inherent goodness and innocence. We have bought into lies and even created lies that have “helped” us “make sense” of our experiences.

Now is a perfect time to release these limiting ideas about who we really are. Now is a perfect time to discover and release the false ideas that have us stuck in lives that are less than what our souls long to experience. Now is the time to step into the truth of who we really are as wondrous works of a wondrous Creative Being.

The facades we have created to shield us from judgment and criticism are defenses for things about ourselves that are not even true! We try to pretend and protect ourselves from people discovering the “truth” about us, when the very truth we are trying to hide is a lie to begin with! It’s really insane when you think about it.

I’m discovering that believing in myself means that I am being called to believe in the One who made me. It also means that I am being called to get underneath all of the stuff that would have me think that I am really anything less than glorious and amazing. Remember, I created this stuff to generate a sense of consistency and predictability within my interpretation of my experiences. These feelings and ideas are simply patterns of energy, not facts, and definitely not the creations of the Divine Source in Whom I believe!

Should you embark upon a similar mission to uncover your true self, I must warn you that it is often not a pleasant process. We are used to our junk and baggage. It’s familiar. It’s comfortable because we are accustomed to the pain and suffering it beings to us over and over again. It keeps us in crappy little boxes that, while confining, are also comforting because they give us a false sense of control over our worlds. The truth is that as long as this mostly unconscious crap is running the show, we are slaves to it, and suffocating underneath it, whether we realize it or not.

Let it go. Let it go. Let it go! For your sake, for my sake, for the sake of all that lives. Be who you really are - which is much less (of the limiting stuff) and much more (of the limitless stuff) than you can imagine right now. Know that there are a whole bunch of us waking up from our individual and collective nightmares. Don’t be left out when the really cool stuff starts happening! Waking up is worth every challenge that goes with it.

You are magnificent. You are amazing. You are here to give much more than you know. There is only one of you, a unique expression of the Glorious Source of Being. Under all of the stuff that’s got you stuck, is a being of light and love. With the Divine Source as the ground beneath our feet and the sun in our sky, there is no good thing that cannot be accomplished. There is no wonder that cannot be beheld. And a huge part of what makes life wonderful is the unfolding realization of who we really are as beings of limitless potential. We are people made of and for and to love. Eventually we will all know it and live it. Let’s discover it together and help each other to see what lies buried beneath the less-than-awesome!*

*In case you think you need to clear up all of your mess to be of service or to make a difference in this world. Let it go. It is in dedicating yourself to be of as much service as you can be that you will be able to let go of a lot of this stuff. Dedication is the goal, not perfection! (My Life Coach, Lisa Spahr, reminded me of this truth very recently and it has helped me immensely.) I’m working on this myself. - Posted by Bill Frase

Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Creative Soul

If you haven't figured it out yet, I'm pretty fascinated by the hows and the whats and the whys of life and human existence. I wanted to share a little bit of what I've discovered about the deep or core spiritual self or what may also be referred to as the soul.

The soul or core spiritual self is that most essential aspect of human nature that is made in the invisible image of the Divine Source or what some may refer to as God (I'll use these terms interchangeably). In other words, the soul is a spiritual emanation that comes directly from the Divine Source. It is designed specifically to have many aspects in common with the Divine Source. The one that I will focus on here is creativity.

Just as all that exists was created by God, we as soul-images of the Soul Source have the power to create. What many people do not realize (and what some of us are coming to understand) is that all people, being made in the invisible image of the Divine, are inherently creative. By this I mean that we are constantly creating whether we want to or not, whether we are conscious of it or not. We cannot not create. Even our attempts not to create or avoid something create circumstances and experiences that we do not want. Just because we don't want it doesn't mean we didn't create it. Actually, your not wanting something means that the experience was tailor made (by you) to help you come more fully and consciously into who you really are and who God really is. (Yes, this goes for me as well. I'm speaking from the interpretation of my own experiences here! And many of those experience were definitely unwanted!)*

Some of you may be thinking that you're not creative or that people who spend most of their time apparently doing "nothing" are not creating anything. Perhaps you can bring to mind people who are really good at destroying. Whatever apparent exceptions to my previous statements one might contemplate, beneath any appearance, creation is happening.

What I'm getting at is the idea that every circumstance we encounter, every relationship we form (with ourselves, others, God, nature, whatever), everything that we experience, everything we think, feel, say, do, intend, create, attract, desire, resist, abhor, love, regret, accept, everything that we think we are and are not (consciously or unconsciously) is a creation with one purpose:

All of these things are created by the soul through the (often unconscious) application of universal laws and principles that exist to help each and every soul realize the fullness of its infinite potential as a child of the Divine Source of All Being.

Understand that what I'm sharing here is a point of view (or points of view) expressed in language with all of its many limitations. These always amendable points of view are based on the interpretation of all of my experiences so far. Just because I can string some symbols together does not make my point of view true or eternal. I am connecting these signs and symbols together in an attempt to offer you a perspective that might open up some new possibilities for you in your life. One of the greatest shifts occurring in human consciousness at this time is the idea that we are co-creators of all that is (and therefore responsible for what is) with the capacity for creating different realities based upon the shifting of our perceptions.

You are powerful beyond your comprehension. This is true (not potentially, but actually) right here and right now. Look around you. Look within you. Everything you perceive has been attracted to you and created by you to help you experience more fully and consciously who you really are and the true nature of your relationship to the Creative Divine Source and everything that is.

Everything necessary for your growth and development is within your reach. We are where we are because it is the perfect place for us to experience what we need to experience. What is right now is our launching pad into the infinite unknown. Accept what is. You helped create it. Resisting it denies your power and responsibility in creating it. Accept your ability to consciously create the deepest desires of your soul. Much of what we currently create is created unconsciously. While our souls know what we need to come into the fullness of our being, we often deny our power and resist what we experience. When we recognize that the more challenging our life is at any particular moment, we are actually deep down (whether we know it or not) creating the tools for our liberation and transformation. When we can recognize the power of our souls to create perfectly imperfect circumstances we don't want, then we can begin choosing more consciously what we do want as the springboards for our growth and development. As we release limiting patterns of thought, feeling, intention, and action, we increase our ability to change our circumstances and our experience of those circumstances into more joyful means of discovering the truth of who we really are as children of God.

Believe me, I know how easy it is to step into victim role. It is so easy to look outside of ourselves and blame and resist what is. I'm calling you (and you are calling you**) toward an expanded awareness of what is going on in your life right here and right now. I understand how tempting it is to deny my power and responsibility for what I experience. I am begging you to consider the possibility that you are already incredibly powerful and creative. The catch is that picking and choosing which creations we are responsible for and which one's we want to blame on others is thoroughly disempowering and holding us back from who we really are and the wonderful things we can consciously create.

May we come to realize more accurately and more fully who we really are. As we do, limitations will disappear and possibilities will unfurl into many masts of sails ready to harness the wind with the sun and the sky's night lights to guide us into New Worlds unknown.

Posted by Bill Frase

*I know some of you may be tempted to step into shame, blame, anger and/or frustration when you consider that some really unwanted things were created by you. Feel whatever you need to feel. Feel it fully and completely. Go all of the way into those feelings and do not resist them. Blow it all out and breathe deeply. Take your time and be patient with yourself. Know that regardless of what is actually true about your experiences, choosing to play the role of a victim in any circumstance will only perpetuate that circumstance and like circumstances that reinforce that perception. It is when we choose to accept our power that we can use all circumstances to help us connect with our deepest passions and act upon them.

**In order to be true to the interpretations and perceptions I'm expressing above, you have called these words to you. Even though I doubt that you are consciously aware of helping me write them, you are a co-creator of this experience that we are currently sharing. (By the way if you are conscious of having helped me write these words, by all means let me know! I'd like to do some more work together where I could be conscious of your assistance!) If this post is causing persistent difficulty for you, please contact me, and I'll help you work through what is coming up. Whatever the case may be, may your awareness of your blessings increase perpetually.