Saturday, December 27, 2008

A New World Community

Posted by Bill Frase - In the previous post I hinted at some of the effects of the incarnation of God’s Power of Divine Love in human beings. In this post I will attempt to go into some more detail on this subject.

In college, I decided to major in Theatre Arts and Sociology. These two subject areas allowed me to look more closely at one of the central questions of my life, “Why do people do what they do?” I eventually realized that there was another question that was even more important to me, “How can human behavior be improved?”

By understanding why people act as they do, the possibilities for changing human behavior become clearer. There are many people today who justify evil motives and bad behavior (their own and others’) by claiming that there are no effective ways to change them. I have never been of that opinion, and I have seen no convincing evidence that brutish behavior is a naturally occurring phenomenon in human beings. The phrase “human nature” is often given as an “explanation” for bad behavior. “Human nature” is often used to ignore one of the most important aspects of being human, our freedom to choose.

My interest in the questions of human behavior arose from my experiences of behaving badly and seeing others abuse and neglect themselves and others as well. Social stratification (social hierarchies of status and access to resources), social conflict, and most social control structures seemed damaging and unnecessary to me. Despite the existence of these human creations, I was interested in how we human beings could create positive and lasting social change.

As long as I can remember, I have indulged in social change fantasies. When I was younger, they were smaller in scale - just small groups of people treating each other with more love and respect. As I grew older, I imagined people spontaneously transforming organizations dedicated to death into places dedicated to life. I imagined people forming utopian communities of peace, equality, and justice. I imagined global economic transformation by organized collective action. I imagined bureaucracies transformed by people wanting to help more than they wanted to follow rules and procedures. I imagined wars ending because people would simply refuse to fight each other with deadly force.

To make a really long story a little shorter, I eventually came to realize that there was one way that significant, positive, permanent changes in human behavior could be made. If you have read other posts on this blog, you know that I call the Power by which this can be accomplished God’s Divine Love. In other words, the most effective means known to change human behavior for the better involves the reception of the Power of God’s Love into the “spiritual self” of a human being.

I have been receiving the power of God’s Divine Love for over ten years now. I can tell you that the reception of God’s Power changes one’s intentions, feelings, thoughts, and actions. It is a process that takes time and effort, but the rewards are significant. It is a journey I feel I have only just only started myself. The main point of this blog is to encourage you to either begin or continue your own transformational journey in this Power.

My experience of God’s Love has only increased my desire to see the world transformed for the better. Because of God’s Love I have become even more passionate in sharing the good news that God’s Power of Love is available for personal and social transformation for everyone. If I thought there was a better way to accomplish this transformation (both personal and social), I would share it with you, but I have not discovered a more effective path in all my years of searching.

Thankfully, the transformation of human beings through the acquisition of Spiritual Power can only be accomplished through people freely choosing to receive it. Many people have the opinion that belonging to certain categories or classifications gives them special access to spiritual realities. This is a damaging lie. People cannot receive God’s Power simply through belonging to a group. There is no race, class, occupational group, sexual orientation, gender, political affiliation, ethnicity, religion, health status, intellectual ability, nor any other kind of status that increases a person’s access to the Power of God’s Love. The only thing that matters is how much a person wants it and how frequently he or she wants it.

The most effective way for us to experience a world of peace, justice, wholesome creativity, and cooperation is to seek personal spiritual transformation. My task is to do this and to do everything I can to help other people seek the Power of God’s Divine Love for themselves as well. And while it may seem to many an insignificant thing, the transmutation of a natural corruptible being into an incorruptible divine being is an incredible miracle.

Most people today think that alchemy is ridiculous. They think that it was a silly precursor to the wonders and horrors of modern chemistry. They are only partially correct. Alchemy is a metaphor for spiritual transumation of the kind descirbed in this post. The process of transmutation is at the heart of alchemy. Transmutation in alchemy is the idea that one can turn a corrodible metal like lead into a precious metal like gold if one discovers the secret formula. While I do not know whether lead can be changed to gold by an alchemist, I do know that the spiritual self of a person can be changed from a corruptible natural creature into an incorruptible divine being through strong desire for the Creator’s Power of Divine Love. To many of you, this statement may be as improbable as changing lead into gold, but I assure you that there are people who have accomplished this transmutation with greater and lesser degrees of success for millennia. I will have more to say about the spiritual realities behind the efforts of the alchemists to discover the philosopher’s stone, the panacea, and the universal solvent. All of these desiderata were right in front of the alchemists’ faces, but they missed them because were more interested in earthly gold than spiritual riches.

I invite you to join me in the quest for that which is most precious - to seek that which not only changes us from within but that which inevitably changes the world one person at a time. As more of us participate in the unlimited realities of Divine Power, we will become ever-more empowered to change a world that is distressed, diseased, and despondent. We will do it by accepting the Gift God longs to give us. We will do it by being who we really are. We will do it by living according to the Power we have received. We will do it as one for the Source of Power is One.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Nature of Spiritual Power

Posted by Bill Frase - The nature of the Source of Spiritual Power to which this blog is dedicated is Love. To our detriment, we usually misconceive Love in at least two different senses. First, many people think wrongly about Love. Many people think it is a feeling. Others think that it is a word that is related to nothing at all. Some people think it is a favorable opinion. All of these people are wrong when it comes to the Love to which I am referring. We also misconceive Love in another, more important sense - we do not allow ourselves to become impregnated with it. We do not allow ourselves to be conceived by Love. Constantly, persistently, it waits patiently on the door steps of our hearts, knocking gently, ready for our acceptance, ready to enter should we desire it; yet we usually ignore it like a proselyte we don’t want to entertain. As we cling to insubstantialities, we constantly let opportunities to begin our lives anew slip away. For these and other reasons, most of us have not received much (if any) of the Love available to us.

There are different kinds of love that exist in the cosmos, and there is a very special kind that emanates from the Divine Source. While I will at different times refer to the other loves, my focus in this entry and most of my future entries will be upon the Spiritual Power of what may be called God’s Divine Love.

People sometimes talk about the fact that God loves human beings. This is true. It is a fact known to those who have had concrete experiences to this effect. It is a wish for many who have not received it, but hope that somehow they will experience it, whatever it is…someday. But there is another fact that we seldom talk about. Most of us do not love God. Also, we very rarely allow God to love us. Most of us have never considered the fact that we have not allowed God to love us. Most of us do not think very much about how little we love God. Most of us are blind to the barricades we have built around our hearts and minds to protect us from getting hurt. And just as a prison is as much one for the prisoners as it is for the guards, we have become trapped within our own defensive positions and practices.

Human beings have been blessed with free will. This means that we have the ability to choose each moment without being constrained by preceding causes. The thing that I know for sure is that God’s Power of Divine Love is currently flooding the entire universe. It is available everywhere to all people. But just as a child can refuse to accept the love and help of an earthly parent (or anyone else for that matter) so people are free not to accept, receive, and experience the Power of Love that the Celestial Parent showers upon every person everywhere. It’s just like a TV signal. If you don’t tune into the station, you miss the show.

God’s Love is not a sappy feeling, an idea, a hope, a wish, or a nice way of saying that God doesn’t mean to hurt anyone. No! God’s Love is the single greatest source of power available to people that has ever existed or that will ever exist (so far as we know, anyways). It is more powerful than all of the suns in all of the galaxies, it is superior to space, time, and any other aspect of the created universe. This is true for at least one reason, if not others. God’s Power of Divine Love is not something that exists for a time only to dissipate. It is not like anything that can be perceived with the natural senses like sight or taste or touch. It is self-existing. It is the very nature and substance of the Deity. This being so, those that come to possess this power in ever-increasing quantities, truly become ever-more empowered. Ordinary and common limitations and restrictions are removed. As recipients of Divine Power progress in our journeys, we are free to love. We are free to be who we really are. We are free to accept others for who they really are. We give freely. We feel no fear. We are free to receive ever more of the good things that God desires to give to us.

A person who has yet to discover the reality of God’s Divine Love is like a family that has just been informed that there are hundreds of millions of dollars of gold buried under their property. A government geologist, using a new form of satellite imaging, has informed them that she has discovered a rich vein of gold running right under their twice-used trailer. But the family decides to do nothing about this news. They question the motives of the geologist. Certainly she is trying to con them, even though she has not asked them for anything in return for this information. They decide that even if the geologist in sincere, they will not disturb anything to get at the gold. Moving the trailer is not an option. They rationalize that they like their home just as it is. Anyways, it would take some work to get the gold and it could be difficult. For some reason, selling the property is out of the question. They will not share the mineral rights either. And since they won’t do these things, how would they get the time to dig it up, working full-time at their minimum wage, dead-end jobs without benefits? Digging for the gold could eventually destroy their home. They didn’t even want to think about losing that for which they had worked so hard. What if other people found out about their gold and wanted to take it from them? What if people constantly came asking them for things they didn’t want to give because of their new-found wealth? Besides, they play the lottery every week, and there’s always a chance they could hit it big without having to move their home and dig up their yard. On and on they turn a no-brainer into an endlessly insane rationalization.

As ridiculous as this story is, there are many who have been told of the Spiritual Gold buried under their individual and collective feet for thousands of years. Most people throughout history did not want to mess anything up to get it. Today, rather than digging for gold that is rightfully ours already, (We don’t even need to stake a claim!) we continue clinging to trash. Most of us live lives largely devoid of meaning, purpose, hope, joy, peace, and love. We go through repetitive motions like machines on assembly lines, leading lives of lackluster predictability and heavy apathy. Our hearts are like stones and our Spiritual Selves have become dry and hardened. We seldom take the time to question how we are playing the game, let alone whether we are playing the right game in the right arena.

And just in case you started getting any ideas that God’s Power is given solely for the individual benefit of individual people, you may let go of that idea right now. God’s Power of Love is given for the sake of everyone and everything. It is given because the Power of God’s Love is meant to be exercised in and through people made in the invisible image of the Deity’s Spiritual Self. That is why I named this blog “Spiritual Power for the Sake of All.”

God’s Love is like an untapped source of energy as abundant as space itself. This invisible energy is everywhere with unlimited potential to do good. The possibilities of this power will remain unrealized until human beings allow themselves to become receivers for it. Until we attune ourselves to it, we continue to exist as if the power were not there. But when we start receiving God’s Power, everything changes. We see differently. We feel differently. We think differently, and most importantly, we act differently…better. And the more Power we receive, the more good our actions produce without having to try harder. When we get to a certain point in our development in this Power, we do good effortlessly. We have all of the Power we need to do everything necessary for ourselves, each other, and the cosmos. When we experience it, we will become people of Power, working together, for the sake of all.

Friday, December 12, 2008


Thank you for your interest in this blog! I hope that it helps you in your journey.

My name is Bill Frase. For many years I have been a seeker of the Truth. In my last semester in college, I had an experience that challenged me to question everything I thought I knew at the time. That experience caused me to search out its meaning and purpose. That search has led me to many realizations that I plan to share with you here.

I believe that one of the primary purposes of that experience was to send me on my quest for answers. And what I have discovered is that there is One Answer. There is a Singular Source of Spiritual Power that radiates throughout the Universe. This Spiritual Source has been given many names. Throughout this blog I will use the names that feel most appropriate to me at the time. Honestly, I don't think the names matter that much, because the One to Whom I Will Apply Names is beyond all names, labels, boundaries, limitations, categories, and any other means of constraint or containment that has existed or will ever come to exist.

The main truth that I hope to convey through my postings here is that The Ultimate wishes to share The Ultimate's Power with each and every creature made in The Utilmate's image that has lived and died, that is living, and that will ever live. The Deity wants to share the Diety's Power with all people everywhere, but the Creator's Power is such that one cannot receive it unless one actually desires it. How to desire this power will be a recurring subject on this blog.

To give you an idea of my view of the current state of the relationship between people and God...

God's Power is like the earth's atmosphere, enveloping the planet and all that lives on it with only a few creatures breathing it in to live while every other being lives on the brink of death because they refuse to let the air in, choosing death by suffocation rather than life.

People are like creatures that need sunlight to live, yet they are nearly dead because they prefer to burrow deeper into the darkness, away from the rays that would give them life.

God's Divine Power is like the water of a great freshwater lake and abundant rainfalls from the sky. The water is good for drinking and bathing. But the people who live on the shore will not drink nor bathe. They stay out of the water, and they live in dread of even a single raindrop touching their skin. In this way they doom themselves to death by dehydration and infectious disease, all the while thinking that they are preserving their lives.

God's Power Supply is like the electricity running throughout the walls of a dwelling. The residents refuse to plug anything into the outlets because they have been told by someone who doesn't even work for the power company that there is no power. The truth is that the power has been readily available for a very long time. Instead of acting with hope and thinking in terms of possibility, instead of calling the power company or testing the outlets, they stumble in the darkness, starve for lack of food, and shiver in the cold. Then they have the gall to blame the power company for their suffering!

God's Power is abundant and available for all. To the detriment of all, it is mostly unrecognized, untapped, unrealized. We are all suffering and dying because of our refusal to allow it to change us into the people we are meant to be - people capable of changing the universe into the place it was always meant to be.

There is no time but the present. Let us seek Life and live Life to the fullest. We do not need to wait. God has waited for us for far too long already.