Friday, December 12, 2008


Thank you for your interest in this blog! I hope that it helps you in your journey.

My name is Bill Frase. For many years I have been a seeker of the Truth. In my last semester in college, I had an experience that challenged me to question everything I thought I knew at the time. That experience caused me to search out its meaning and purpose. That search has led me to many realizations that I plan to share with you here.

I believe that one of the primary purposes of that experience was to send me on my quest for answers. And what I have discovered is that there is One Answer. There is a Singular Source of Spiritual Power that radiates throughout the Universe. This Spiritual Source has been given many names. Throughout this blog I will use the names that feel most appropriate to me at the time. Honestly, I don't think the names matter that much, because the One to Whom I Will Apply Names is beyond all names, labels, boundaries, limitations, categories, and any other means of constraint or containment that has existed or will ever come to exist.

The main truth that I hope to convey through my postings here is that The Ultimate wishes to share The Ultimate's Power with each and every creature made in The Utilmate's image that has lived and died, that is living, and that will ever live. The Deity wants to share the Diety's Power with all people everywhere, but the Creator's Power is such that one cannot receive it unless one actually desires it. How to desire this power will be a recurring subject on this blog.

To give you an idea of my view of the current state of the relationship between people and God...

God's Power is like the earth's atmosphere, enveloping the planet and all that lives on it with only a few creatures breathing it in to live while every other being lives on the brink of death because they refuse to let the air in, choosing death by suffocation rather than life.

People are like creatures that need sunlight to live, yet they are nearly dead because they prefer to burrow deeper into the darkness, away from the rays that would give them life.

God's Divine Power is like the water of a great freshwater lake and abundant rainfalls from the sky. The water is good for drinking and bathing. But the people who live on the shore will not drink nor bathe. They stay out of the water, and they live in dread of even a single raindrop touching their skin. In this way they doom themselves to death by dehydration and infectious disease, all the while thinking that they are preserving their lives.

God's Power Supply is like the electricity running throughout the walls of a dwelling. The residents refuse to plug anything into the outlets because they have been told by someone who doesn't even work for the power company that there is no power. The truth is that the power has been readily available for a very long time. Instead of acting with hope and thinking in terms of possibility, instead of calling the power company or testing the outlets, they stumble in the darkness, starve for lack of food, and shiver in the cold. Then they have the gall to blame the power company for their suffering!

God's Power is abundant and available for all. To the detriment of all, it is mostly unrecognized, untapped, unrealized. We are all suffering and dying because of our refusal to allow it to change us into the people we are meant to be - people capable of changing the universe into the place it was always meant to be.

There is no time but the present. Let us seek Life and live Life to the fullest. We do not need to wait. God has waited for us for far too long already.


  1. Hi Bill,
    I enjoyed your Blog. I feel you have a
    small audience from my years of working with
    people. It is well written. The best to you.

    Love you,
    Bill Frase

  2. Thanks for checking this out, Dad! I'm in this for the long haul, so we'll see what happens. Keep on reading and commenting!