Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Mirror of Experience

Posted by Bill Frase -

For quite a while now, I have been an interpreter of dreams, my own and others’. Sometime after I started interpreting dreams, I realized that one’s waking experiences could be interpreted in very much the same way as those one had while being asleep. The more difficult circumstances of our lives tell us the most about what we really think, feel, and intend. It is in these situations that we can discover places in our spiritual selves where we have not allowed the Power of God’s Love to heal our wounds.

When it comes to any not-so-favorable situation in your life, you can ask yourself questions such as the following:

What would I need to believe about myself and/or life in order to have this experience?

What fear did that situation being out in me? Am I willing to let God’s Love heal that fear?

Am I rationalizing the situation? If I am, how would I think and feel differently if my heart was full of Love?

What do I hate about myself that would lead me into this situation? Will I let God love me? Will I love myself? Am I open to the possibility that I deserve love?

How am I judging myself? What’s the pay off for judging myself and/or others so harshly?

In what ways do I feel powerless to do something about this circumstance? Is that really true? What are my pay offs for my thoughts and feelings of powerlessness?

Whenever we judge others harshly, that judgment is a reflection of how mercilessly we judge ourselves. Whenever we feel powerless, we are taking the role of a victim so that we can deny our power to be, do, and have what we truly want. When we judge, we accept judgments against ourselves as well.

If you feel angry, jealous, or judgmental about someone else’s circumstances, you are projecting your own fears and judgments onto that situation, rather than dealing with your own personal mess.

You probably look in the mirror everyday to make adjustments to your appearance. Let us seek opportunities for love and forgiveness that are available when we use similar care in the examination of our lives. In taking the time to reflect upon our circumstances and reactions, we can recognize our choices to play victims and judges instead of seeking to become who we really are as children of our Heavenly Parent. By examining our beliefs, assumptions, and feelings, we can more clearly perceive where we have blocked the flow of Love in our lives and suffered for our fearful defenses.

Just as flowing water changes the landscape, so too will the flowing River of Love transform the landscape of your entire life if you allow it to do its work. While fear makes a deadly desert of our lives, Love has the power to make us into lush and fertile places full of color and activity and abundant life. When we seek God’s Power of Love, we are no longer thirsty people chasing after mirages shimmering in the dry heat. We become people who do not chase after images in desperation. We do not run away from that which we fear. As we experience the abundance of Love available within and without, we have more than enough to give. We have more than enough to live. We are also empowered to greet every situation, no matter how terrible, with hearts full of love and hope.

Death and violence come when love is denied. Life, peace, and healing come when we let Love in.

In a world of passing clouds and shadows, may we all be places where Love is welcome. May we become lighthouses for those caught in nighttime storms.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Posted by Bill Frase - Lately, it feels as if there is a lot more fear in the world than hope. Honestly, I have been feeling much more hopelessness than hope over the past week or so. I think part of my challenge has been the general feelings of fear, anger, and despondency swirling about the planet these days. I’m open to the possibility that it’s just me.

If you happen not to be affected by the incredible negativity currently swirling about the planet (or in your own life), congratulations! You still might find this post interesting. And even though your life may be a pleasant dream right now, most of us come to points in our lives where we doubt whether we will get what we need. You may want to come back if (when?) you’re feeling hopeless at some time in the future.

For about a week now, I have been wondering what is the point of it all. Yes, I do know that there is a point to it all, but when you feel hopeless, everything still seems pointless. I’ve known for a few days that I’ve been in desperate need of some hope. I prayed last night that God would help me come out of this funk somehow.

Right before I woke up this morning, I had a dream. I’ll spare you all of the corny details. The dream basically shaped up like this. I had a situation in front of me that I had to deal with as part of a team. Going into the situation, I was certain that defeat/failure was guaranteed. Using our current plan, there was absolutely no chance for success. I wasn’t happy about going through the motions, knowing that failure was guaranteed, but I had resigned myself to defeat. Right before we had to do what we had agreed to do, I got an idea to do something different, something that had not occurred to me before. I shared the idea with one of my teammates, and he thought it was worth a shot. To shorten the story, our team emerged victorious from a situation where all of the odds were stacked against us and no one had any hope or expectation of success.

It is hard to describe the effect this dream had on me. Basically it took me from feeling that I was laboring in vain in an important area of my life to thinking that we will receive what we need for victory to be achieved, probably just in the nick of time. During the course of the morning I even started remembering how I had received creative ideas to solve problems and challenges throughout my life. I remembered that I have never been left without what I needed when the time for action arrived. I even encountered an extremely difficult situation today that would normally make be feel terrible, and I’m actually still hopeful that it will turn out well in the end.

And so I would like you to consider my dream your dream if you like. If there is any circumstance that leads you to feel desperate, despondent, or depressed, please do your best to be open to the possibility that help is available when you need it the most. People say that it is always darkest before the dawn, which in my total experience of planetary rotations has not yet been true. But I think the saying does express a truth about our experiences as human beings - that we usually don’t ask for help unless things are pretty bad. And when we want help enough to be open to crazy ideas, unconsidered possibilities, and maybe even love and support from people we don’t even know, amazing things can happen.

No matter how bad things may appear, please remain as open as you can to the help that can turn despair into hope. And as we allow ourselves to hope, all kinds of wonderful things we couldn’t see in the middle of the night become obvious. Ultimately, as long as our hearts remain open to Love, victory is guaranteed.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Posted by Bill Frase - Love is the greatest power in the universe, and one of its first-born children is persistence. Continue on. Keep on going. Do not stop. Do not give up. The greatest rewards go to those who do not quit. Since you exist, there is still more for you to do.

There have been times in my life when I have given up on pursuing a goal. There is nothing wrong with quitting when it becomes clear that the goal is not something that your heart truly and deeply desires. Quitting is often painful - even as it is usually a welcome relief from the pressures to which we have subjected ourselves. But there is one goal that I have not given up on, and that I will never give up on. It is the transformation wrought by the transfusion of God’s Power of Divine Love. The journey toward this goal has incredible rewards. I can say this as a person who has only experienced a few of them to a limited extent thus far in my own journey.

Join me in persisting, even though your efforts may appear to bear no fruit. It may even seem that your efforts are bringing you misery. I’ll write more about that later. Give yourself the opportunity to trust that God is changing you into the person you are meant to become. Hold onto hope, even though your efforts only seem to bring more bad news.

Bad news is always temporary. God’s Good News is forever and for everyone. Embody Love and you too can be a bearer of Good News to a desperate species. You are needed. Not to put any pressure on you, but if you won’t do what you can do according to the Power you have received, who will? God hasn’t made any mistakes. The wisdom of the Cosmos continues to operate despite rebellion of the Divine Parent’s children.

God has not given up on us. Let us not give up on God. You are still here. That is all you need to know to get started. May we all benefit from your persistence in seeking spiritual empowerment!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Love, Forgiveness, and Freedom

Posted by Bill Frase - This is a saying that was given to me a while back that I want to share with you now. Test it and discover its truth for yourself.

No matter what may appear to be the case, every circumstance is an opportunity to experience Love.

With Love comes Forgiveness.

With Forgiveness comes Freedom.

With increased Freedom come ever-greater opportunities to experience ever-more Love, Forgiveness, and Freedom.

Only those who love without requirement are truly free.

Friday, January 16, 2009

The So-Called Afterlife

Posted by Bill Frase - Some people are really interested in the topic of the afterlife. I must admit that I always have been too. I guess it isn’t that surprising that people are interested in the life after this one, especially when we consider the fact that so many aren’t really enjoying the life they have right now. So often we think (worry?) (fear?) way too much about the future and remain imprisoned by our past experiences and choices (regrets, injuries, mistakes). My hope is that this post may help us to enter more fully into the present with its many gifts and opportunities. The truth is that you take who you are here and now with you into your next life. If you aren’t comfortable in your own skin when you die, you definitely won’t be able to escape who you really are after you die. I encourage you to seek God’s Power of Love to become your best self right here and right now. By becoming the person God wants to empower you to be, you can become a greater force for Life and Love in this world and the next.

Many people I know think that the character of their existence will change drastically when they leave their bodies behind and move into the next phase of their lives. I’m always amazed at how sure people can be in this belief without any real evidence. If one’s spiritual self is one way in this world, what makes anyone think that he or she is will be instantly altered in the next? What power or miracle will work this instantaneous transformation? What evidence do they have for this belief? Most (all?) people are ignorant of the billions of miracles that happen in every single cubic centimeter of the universe at every single moment of the eternal now. And yet despite this kind of ignorance, people claim knowledge of never-before-observed “miracles” that (at best) qualify as wishful thinking.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying God can’t do incredible things in what seems like an instant. I’m only saying that it is more likely that God doesn’t do these kinds of things, especially when we consider the evidence that God has consistently allowed people to choose freely from the very beginning to the present moment. To instantly make someone something other than he or she is right now would be a violation of that person’s free will, unless that person had so transformed his or her will as to want a radical transformation so badly that God could grant such a desire in an instant. There have not been many to any people who have been able to release their attachments to aspects of their temporary or false selves that would allow such an immediate and radical transformation. This is my understanding even though many people assume that an instantaneous transformation will “naturally” occur with the divestiture of their earthly bodies.

There are a whole bunch of people waiting for God to do something spectacular when God is doing spectacular things constantly right in front of our faces all of the time. Many people are waiting until they die before they experience a big change in their lives for the better. Why wait?! What makes anyone think that God is doing anything differently in the afterlife with people than God is doing with people right here and right now in this world? Why would God only give Power to those who aren’t in their bodies anymore? If we have spiritual selves in this life and spiritual selves in the next life, and we have the same God in both lives, doesn’t it stand to reason that there is no reason to wait for the Power that is at hand right? And if that power is at hand right now, what makes anyone think that that power will not be available to spiritual selves in the life that follows a life on earth? The hard lines that people draw between so-called life and so-called death are only that - lines that people have drawn that have little to do with reality and everything to do with the limitations that people want to create.

Despite all of the evidence regarding our situation, many people wait in this life for something amazing to happen to them. They die and continue anticipating that something dramatic will happen to them at any moment without the requirement of action on their part. There is nothing wrong with waiting for something once we have asked for it. Patience is part of living in God’s Power of Divine Love. But most people have the necessary steps out of sequence. They wait without asking, assuming that the something they need will just happen along while they sit on the curb watching their own funeral procession. Ask first. Ask with all of your might. Ask with everything you’ve got and then wait. Keep asking and keep waiting. Eventually you will receive. People’s perceptions related to receiving God’s Power of Divine Love can vary according to a multitude of factors. The important thing is to ask mightily and keep on asking, all the while waiting until the Gift of Spiritual Power is received. Once you know that you have received the Gift, ask again and again and again. Eventually you won’t want to stop asking and receiving.

If you think this sounds like a lot of work, you are right. But consider the alternative: you could just go on muddling through a so-called life wishing and waiting without doing the asking work. Then you die and realize that things haven’t really changed much for you even though you don’t have your earthly body anymore. Actually without the distractions associated with earthly existence, it’s very possible that things may seem much worse to you after you die if you haven’t done the asking. The present moment is the moment. It is the fulcrum for moving your life. God’s Power of Love is the lever. The more you ask, the longer and stronger your lever becomes, and you become more and more empowered to be a force for Life and Love in this world and in the next.

I need to let you in on a secret. Every invisible thing that you have accepted into your life before you die goes with you. This goes for the great, the good, the not so good, and the downright horrific. If you are fearful in this life, you’ll take it with you to the next. If you have been transformed by the Power of God’s Love into a new kind of person, you take that with you. If you hate and despise anyone or anything, it goes with you. If you think that you don’t deserve to be happy in this life, you’ll feel the same way in the next, and that will be your experience. I’m not saying that this is a permanent state of affairs. I just want you to know that the best time and place to work on who you are is right here and right now. And if you do as I’m suggesting in your asking work, you will have something that you can take with you into eternity. When you ask for the very Power of God, what you get, you keep. There is nothing that can deprive you of the Power you have acquired. It’s better than gold bullion. When you die, you can’t take an atom of gold with you. But whatever Spiritual Power you have received from God is yours, kept safe within your spiritual self forever, even after you die.

Instead of waiting, seek that which will transform your spiritual self into one that can live powerfully, compassionately, joyfully, responsibly, humbly, and peacefully in this world. When you can live like this on the earth with all of its beauties and difficulties, then your experience of the next phase of your existence will definitely be something beyond your current imaginative capacities.

Stop waiting for something to happen to you or to be done for you. Ask the Creator for the Power that changes everything for the better, and you will become one of God’s not-so-secret agents in this world – right here…right now.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Forgiveness, Just Scratching the Surface

Posted by Bill Frase - This will be the first of many posts on the subject of forgiveness. It is such an important subject because many of the problems that people experience in their individual and collective lives are due to misunderstandings of what forgiveness is and how it is experienced.

Many people are suffering because they have not yet experienced forgiveness in some area of their lives. This problem need not persist if we open our hearts to experience God’s Love and the forgiveness that it brings. This post will focus on the relationship between love and forgiveness. God’s Love is the most powerful treatment for the lack of forgiveness that characterizes most people’s lives.

Persistent emotional and mental pain and suffering are the result of patterns of energy within a person’s spiritual self that have been allowed to develop, persist, and sustain themselves over time. These wounds can come from things that happen to a person throughout the course of her life. These defensive patterns or blockages can come from (or be reinforced by) the unloving things that a person does. It is also true that the loving things she fails to do over the course of her life will lead to regrets as well. Most of us have experienced all of these circumstances. These injuries and insults accumulate like numerous debts on one’s spiritual balance sheet. These balances will continue to demand principal and interest payments until they are paid off or a new asset of infinite value (God’s Divine Love) is acquired in sufficient abundance.

All people, when they are little boys and girls (and even when they are big boys and girls), are told things that are not true by people they love and trust (including themselves). This “telling” can be in words, but it is also communicated through a combination of intentions, feelings, thoughts, and actions as well. Even the untrue intentions, thoughts, and feelings that go without being overtly expressed do damage to a person’s self to the extent that those things are accepted as true. And what is untrue? Every single thing that people intend, feel, think, say, or do that is unloving is untrue. What is born of God’s Love is true and will always be true because God’s Love is the stuff of eternity.

The only way to heal wounds that occur from those things that are unloving is with love. And while there are many forms of love in the cosmos, the Power of God’s Divine Love is the most effective treatment known to heal every disease and injury created by people. And just in case you were wondering, every disease and injury that has been or ever will be has been created by people. You may not believe that right now, but that’s okay. We’ve got plenty of time, possibly even eternity.

Most people are emotionally reactive. The slightest perception of disrespect can set them into a rage or a depression. There are people who become depressed when they are given honest feedback. Some people are fearful that they will be found out not to be everything they have led other people to believe, and so they work frantically to preserve an untrue illusion. Usually we react with strong negative emotions because a present circumstance has touched an injured emotional circuit within our spiritual selves. Most of the time, people are not actually upset about a present circumstance, even though they think they are. Usually it is more true to say that a present circumstance has created an opportunity to recognize an unresolved energy pattern, creating an excellent opportunity for healing and forgiveness.

People often wonder why it is hard to get along with other (some?) (most?) (all?) people. This is because most people are (to greater or lesser degrees) cut off spiritually and emotionally from who they were created to be and from who they have been called to become. People, like wounded animals, can become very upset, even when others intend no harm. This kind of behavior often appears insane from the point of view of the person that has entered another’s spiritual and emotional drama. Persistent and recurrent feelings of fear, sadness, anger, guilt, shame, and other negative emotions and/or emotionally repressive patterns of intention, feeling, thought, and behavior are insane because these patterns can only exist apart from the power of love to transform them. An insane person is one who experiences his existence from a place of unreality. Whenever we are disconnected from love, to that extent, we are insane, because love is a part of everything that is really real. So in case you were wondering why the world seems like it’s crazy, it is because the world is crazy to the extent that people are disconnected from the Love that would allow them to create experiences based upon realities instead of warped perceptions.

God’s Love is a power through which a person can see things as they really are, instead of projecting one’s own warped point of view onto any set of circumstances. If the lenses of a person’s glasses are not of the correct prescription; if they are deformed, tinted, or dirty - to that extent he or she cannot see things as they really are. If someone looks at reflections in a fun house mirror, he will not see things as they really are. It’s usually funny to see a warped reflection when we can see that the mirror is bent strangely. It’s a whole other thing when we put the wrong lenses on our noses. We then look for our glasses, without realizing that we are wearing them. As we search everywhere for our eye wear, we see all kinds of strangely shifting and frightening images, not realizing that our perceptions are only representations of the current landscape of our spiritual selves.

A person in need of spiritual and emotional healing (forgiveness) is like someone who has been through a series of disasters. Consider a woman whose house has burned down because gang members targeted her son as one of their enemies because he wouldn’t pick a side. Her husband, son, and daughter are all killed in the fire. The surviving mother is treated at the local hospital for smoke inhalation and burns. While she’s in the hospital there are terrible storms that lead to flooding, putting the first few floors of the hospital under water. This creates unsanitary conditions and a botched evacuation. The lack of proper medical care causes infections, scarring and nerve damage. She can’t afford her COBRA coverage any more because of the loss of income and goes without medical insurance even though she qualifies for Social Security Disability Insurance cash payments. She is not eligible for Medicare medical insurance until two years after she has been declared disabled by the Social Security Administration. That’s the rule even though she can’t work nor afford any other medical insurance plan. Her physical wounds continue to go without treatment, not to mention her emotional injuries. She declares bankruptcy because her Social Security payments are insufficient to meet her living expenses. Because of her injuries and disfigurement she cannot do the kind of work she did before the fire. The State Office of Vocational Rehabilitation does not have the funds to help her get retrained in a new career because of corruption in the governor’s office and the legislature that disqualified her state for matching federal funds that could have paid for her rehabilitation expenses. Finally the wounded widow becomes eligible for Medicare but can’t afford the co-pays. It doesn’t matter because doctors say there’s not much they can do for her now. She tries to get by on her Social Security payments even though they are a small fraction of what she used to earn in her job. This goes without mentioning the loss of her husband’s earnings and her now-spent “retirement” assets that were annihilated by greed schemes. Whenever this poor widow brushes up against another person who is just passing by in a crowd, she winces in pain. People wonder why she doesn’t trust anyone. They wonder why she snaps at them when they offer her any kind of assistance. This neglected lady takes everything personally, because she has faced insult upon insult without relief. Her pain is so great that she may even attack those who try to help. She wishes that she did not exist. People who meet her wonder why she is “so negative” and “so hard to get along with.”

This is the way it is with many people in the world, if not physically, then emotionally. Most people have been treated as unlovable and they have come to believe in their hearts and minds that they are not worthy of love, either the love of other people and/or the Love of God. Many people believe that if God exists, God must be evil because a good God would not allow such suffering.

But a good deity must allow this kind of suffering because we have been made stewards of the universe with free will. Not allowing us our freedom would make us incapable of choosing the Power of God’s Love and all the benefits it brings (including forgiveness). To be made in the image of the creator is to be free, because God answers to no one but God’s own self. And even though the human race has chosen the hard way of rebellion and disconnection from the deity, God has rigged the game to help us discover for ourselves that Love is the best choice. The laws of the universe are perfectly calibrated to show people that only Love is real. They are synchronized in such a way that every choice that is out of harmony with truth, love, and beauty leads to disappointment sooner or later, every single time.

But God has not left us without help nor without power. While the universe is ours to take care of or to screw up according to our desires, God is flooding the entirety of everything with a power that can heal every wound and cure every disease - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. To experience this reality we must want God’s Power of Divine Love very badly and as often as possible. And because people often choose to assume that God is limited, unknowable, unreal, uncaring, and unloving, they will not allow themselves the opportunity to discover who God really is by receiving the Power of God’s Divine Love.

While there are many who have not sought God’s Love, there have also been pioneers who were willing to test whether there was a God or not. They were willing to go farther and test if that God had a friendly disposition toward humanity. And those who have tested the hypothesis of God’s friendliness have found that there is a God; and not only is God friendly toward humanity; but God wants to bless humanity in ways that most human beings cannot conceive. The only reason we cannot conceive of the Power of God’s Love is because he have not allowed ourselves to be conceived by God’s Love.

Forgiveness is one of the greatest gifts available to those who will allow God’s Power to reformat and replace the very energy of their spiritual selves. God’s Love is so powerful that even a person with a crushed spirit can be remade into a person of incredible effectiveness - one for whom ultimate defeat becomes an impossibility.

Let us become people of experience – people who are unwilling to accept someone else’s word for the truth. Let us become scientists of spiritual things- people who are willing to put God to the test to see if God will come through for us or not. People who are satisfied with their beliefs and assumptions will not experience God’s Power for themselves. Only those who know that they don’t know and who are willing to discover the truth for themselves will experience the greatest thing in the world, God’s Divine Love and the forgiveness that it brings. As more and more people experience the Power of God’s Divine Love, it is through their lives that our world will be reborn from one of abuse and neglect into one of forgiveness, care, and compassion for all.

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Posted by Bill Frase - Last night I had a dream about humility. The gist of it was that there was a question posed to a group of people including myself. I couldn’t think of an answer to the question, but someone else did. And when the response was scored that person got extra points for humility. As this dream would indicate, humility is not one of my one of my stronger attributes. That dream would also indicate that I have some humility lessons coming my way. Hopefully I will receive those lessons with gratitude when they come.

Humility is not something that most people are seeking. It may even appear to be an attribute that would seem to contradict the reality of our transformations by God’s Power of Divine Love. But humility is one of the gifts that comes with the transformation wrought by God’s Power within a person’s spiritual self. God’s Power of Love is not like the forms of power that people have created. It is a power that makes a person more and more humble as one undergoes the transmutation from natural being to divine being. And when we consider the alternatives, this humility is an important gift. Without it, we would grow more and more arrogant even as we became ever-more powerful in our possession of God’s Love. In God’s World Community those who seek God’s Love move from pride and arrogance to true servanthood and humility. I am not talking about the humility that says that I am worthless or worth-less than anyone or anything else, but the kind of humility that lives in the heart of the person who perceives more accurately his or her relationship to the Deity. Such a person eventually feels incredibly blessed by the Divine Power of the Universe.

As we grow in the Power of God’s Divine Love, we realize that we do what we are doing, not because we are such wonderful people, but because God’s Power of Love has changed us into people who can act on God’s behalf in all places and at all times. As we continue our journeys into God's Love, it becomes clearer and clearer that it is God working within us and through us. And in that knowledge we can feel gratitude and humility for the opportunities that we receive to perform our unique role in God's universal workforce. In God's New World Community, there are no unemployed or underemployed people. Everyone has a job. Everyone is needed. The world needs what you have to give. Let God's Love empower you so that you can become the contribution you were born to be!