Saturday, January 10, 2009

Forgiveness, Just Scratching the Surface

Posted by Bill Frase - This will be the first of many posts on the subject of forgiveness. It is such an important subject because many of the problems that people experience in their individual and collective lives are due to misunderstandings of what forgiveness is and how it is experienced.

Many people are suffering because they have not yet experienced forgiveness in some area of their lives. This problem need not persist if we open our hearts to experience God’s Love and the forgiveness that it brings. This post will focus on the relationship between love and forgiveness. God’s Love is the most powerful treatment for the lack of forgiveness that characterizes most people’s lives.

Persistent emotional and mental pain and suffering are the result of patterns of energy within a person’s spiritual self that have been allowed to develop, persist, and sustain themselves over time. These wounds can come from things that happen to a person throughout the course of her life. These defensive patterns or blockages can come from (or be reinforced by) the unloving things that a person does. It is also true that the loving things she fails to do over the course of her life will lead to regrets as well. Most of us have experienced all of these circumstances. These injuries and insults accumulate like numerous debts on one’s spiritual balance sheet. These balances will continue to demand principal and interest payments until they are paid off or a new asset of infinite value (God’s Divine Love) is acquired in sufficient abundance.

All people, when they are little boys and girls (and even when they are big boys and girls), are told things that are not true by people they love and trust (including themselves). This “telling” can be in words, but it is also communicated through a combination of intentions, feelings, thoughts, and actions as well. Even the untrue intentions, thoughts, and feelings that go without being overtly expressed do damage to a person’s self to the extent that those things are accepted as true. And what is untrue? Every single thing that people intend, feel, think, say, or do that is unloving is untrue. What is born of God’s Love is true and will always be true because God’s Love is the stuff of eternity.

The only way to heal wounds that occur from those things that are unloving is with love. And while there are many forms of love in the cosmos, the Power of God’s Divine Love is the most effective treatment known to heal every disease and injury created by people. And just in case you were wondering, every disease and injury that has been or ever will be has been created by people. You may not believe that right now, but that’s okay. We’ve got plenty of time, possibly even eternity.

Most people are emotionally reactive. The slightest perception of disrespect can set them into a rage or a depression. There are people who become depressed when they are given honest feedback. Some people are fearful that they will be found out not to be everything they have led other people to believe, and so they work frantically to preserve an untrue illusion. Usually we react with strong negative emotions because a present circumstance has touched an injured emotional circuit within our spiritual selves. Most of the time, people are not actually upset about a present circumstance, even though they think they are. Usually it is more true to say that a present circumstance has created an opportunity to recognize an unresolved energy pattern, creating an excellent opportunity for healing and forgiveness.

People often wonder why it is hard to get along with other (some?) (most?) (all?) people. This is because most people are (to greater or lesser degrees) cut off spiritually and emotionally from who they were created to be and from who they have been called to become. People, like wounded animals, can become very upset, even when others intend no harm. This kind of behavior often appears insane from the point of view of the person that has entered another’s spiritual and emotional drama. Persistent and recurrent feelings of fear, sadness, anger, guilt, shame, and other negative emotions and/or emotionally repressive patterns of intention, feeling, thought, and behavior are insane because these patterns can only exist apart from the power of love to transform them. An insane person is one who experiences his existence from a place of unreality. Whenever we are disconnected from love, to that extent, we are insane, because love is a part of everything that is really real. So in case you were wondering why the world seems like it’s crazy, it is because the world is crazy to the extent that people are disconnected from the Love that would allow them to create experiences based upon realities instead of warped perceptions.

God’s Love is a power through which a person can see things as they really are, instead of projecting one’s own warped point of view onto any set of circumstances. If the lenses of a person’s glasses are not of the correct prescription; if they are deformed, tinted, or dirty - to that extent he or she cannot see things as they really are. If someone looks at reflections in a fun house mirror, he will not see things as they really are. It’s usually funny to see a warped reflection when we can see that the mirror is bent strangely. It’s a whole other thing when we put the wrong lenses on our noses. We then look for our glasses, without realizing that we are wearing them. As we search everywhere for our eye wear, we see all kinds of strangely shifting and frightening images, not realizing that our perceptions are only representations of the current landscape of our spiritual selves.

A person in need of spiritual and emotional healing (forgiveness) is like someone who has been through a series of disasters. Consider a woman whose house has burned down because gang members targeted her son as one of their enemies because he wouldn’t pick a side. Her husband, son, and daughter are all killed in the fire. The surviving mother is treated at the local hospital for smoke inhalation and burns. While she’s in the hospital there are terrible storms that lead to flooding, putting the first few floors of the hospital under water. This creates unsanitary conditions and a botched evacuation. The lack of proper medical care causes infections, scarring and nerve damage. She can’t afford her COBRA coverage any more because of the loss of income and goes without medical insurance even though she qualifies for Social Security Disability Insurance cash payments. She is not eligible for Medicare medical insurance until two years after she has been declared disabled by the Social Security Administration. That’s the rule even though she can’t work nor afford any other medical insurance plan. Her physical wounds continue to go without treatment, not to mention her emotional injuries. She declares bankruptcy because her Social Security payments are insufficient to meet her living expenses. Because of her injuries and disfigurement she cannot do the kind of work she did before the fire. The State Office of Vocational Rehabilitation does not have the funds to help her get retrained in a new career because of corruption in the governor’s office and the legislature that disqualified her state for matching federal funds that could have paid for her rehabilitation expenses. Finally the wounded widow becomes eligible for Medicare but can’t afford the co-pays. It doesn’t matter because doctors say there’s not much they can do for her now. She tries to get by on her Social Security payments even though they are a small fraction of what she used to earn in her job. This goes without mentioning the loss of her husband’s earnings and her now-spent “retirement” assets that were annihilated by greed schemes. Whenever this poor widow brushes up against another person who is just passing by in a crowd, she winces in pain. People wonder why she doesn’t trust anyone. They wonder why she snaps at them when they offer her any kind of assistance. This neglected lady takes everything personally, because she has faced insult upon insult without relief. Her pain is so great that she may even attack those who try to help. She wishes that she did not exist. People who meet her wonder why she is “so negative” and “so hard to get along with.”

This is the way it is with many people in the world, if not physically, then emotionally. Most people have been treated as unlovable and they have come to believe in their hearts and minds that they are not worthy of love, either the love of other people and/or the Love of God. Many people believe that if God exists, God must be evil because a good God would not allow such suffering.

But a good deity must allow this kind of suffering because we have been made stewards of the universe with free will. Not allowing us our freedom would make us incapable of choosing the Power of God’s Love and all the benefits it brings (including forgiveness). To be made in the image of the creator is to be free, because God answers to no one but God’s own self. And even though the human race has chosen the hard way of rebellion and disconnection from the deity, God has rigged the game to help us discover for ourselves that Love is the best choice. The laws of the universe are perfectly calibrated to show people that only Love is real. They are synchronized in such a way that every choice that is out of harmony with truth, love, and beauty leads to disappointment sooner or later, every single time.

But God has not left us without help nor without power. While the universe is ours to take care of or to screw up according to our desires, God is flooding the entirety of everything with a power that can heal every wound and cure every disease - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. To experience this reality we must want God’s Power of Divine Love very badly and as often as possible. And because people often choose to assume that God is limited, unknowable, unreal, uncaring, and unloving, they will not allow themselves the opportunity to discover who God really is by receiving the Power of God’s Divine Love.

While there are many who have not sought God’s Love, there have also been pioneers who were willing to test whether there was a God or not. They were willing to go farther and test if that God had a friendly disposition toward humanity. And those who have tested the hypothesis of God’s friendliness have found that there is a God; and not only is God friendly toward humanity; but God wants to bless humanity in ways that most human beings cannot conceive. The only reason we cannot conceive of the Power of God’s Love is because he have not allowed ourselves to be conceived by God’s Love.

Forgiveness is one of the greatest gifts available to those who will allow God’s Power to reformat and replace the very energy of their spiritual selves. God’s Love is so powerful that even a person with a crushed spirit can be remade into a person of incredible effectiveness - one for whom ultimate defeat becomes an impossibility.

Let us become people of experience – people who are unwilling to accept someone else’s word for the truth. Let us become scientists of spiritual things- people who are willing to put God to the test to see if God will come through for us or not. People who are satisfied with their beliefs and assumptions will not experience God’s Power for themselves. Only those who know that they don’t know and who are willing to discover the truth for themselves will experience the greatest thing in the world, God’s Divine Love and the forgiveness that it brings. As more and more people experience the Power of God’s Divine Love, it is through their lives that our world will be reborn from one of abuse and neglect into one of forgiveness, care, and compassion for all.

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