Sunday, January 4, 2009


Posted by Bill Frase - Last night I had a dream about humility. The gist of it was that there was a question posed to a group of people including myself. I couldn’t think of an answer to the question, but someone else did. And when the response was scored that person got extra points for humility. As this dream would indicate, humility is not one of my one of my stronger attributes. That dream would also indicate that I have some humility lessons coming my way. Hopefully I will receive those lessons with gratitude when they come.

Humility is not something that most people are seeking. It may even appear to be an attribute that would seem to contradict the reality of our transformations by God’s Power of Divine Love. But humility is one of the gifts that comes with the transformation wrought by God’s Power within a person’s spiritual self. God’s Power of Love is not like the forms of power that people have created. It is a power that makes a person more and more humble as one undergoes the transmutation from natural being to divine being. And when we consider the alternatives, this humility is an important gift. Without it, we would grow more and more arrogant even as we became ever-more powerful in our possession of God’s Love. In God’s World Community those who seek God’s Love move from pride and arrogance to true servanthood and humility. I am not talking about the humility that says that I am worthless or worth-less than anyone or anything else, but the kind of humility that lives in the heart of the person who perceives more accurately his or her relationship to the Deity. Such a person eventually feels incredibly blessed by the Divine Power of the Universe.

As we grow in the Power of God’s Divine Love, we realize that we do what we are doing, not because we are such wonderful people, but because God’s Power of Love has changed us into people who can act on God’s behalf in all places and at all times. As we continue our journeys into God's Love, it becomes clearer and clearer that it is God working within us and through us. And in that knowledge we can feel gratitude and humility for the opportunities that we receive to perform our unique role in God's universal workforce. In God's New World Community, there are no unemployed or underemployed people. Everyone has a job. Everyone is needed. The world needs what you have to give. Let God's Love empower you so that you can become the contribution you were born to be!


  1. My first obvious humility lesson since this posting happened today. It invovled an instance where I was using the word "can't" with regard to my difficulties with performance management in my paid employment. Of course "can't" is one of those limiting words that is not in harmony with the truth that I seek to embody and share. My co-worker gently pointed this out to me. It was an excellent reminder that, while I have come far in my journey, there is still plenty of room for improvement. While God's Love has removed many barriers and limitations from my life, there are still aspects of my existence that have not yet been completely transformed by God's Power. I was reminded that God is still working on me, and there's plenty of work left to do.

  2. Humility Lesson #2

    I just had another humility lesson I’d like to share. There was a baby Shower at work that I had agreed to attend. I wanted to get a gift for my co-worker, but didn’t really know what to get. I’m also someone who doesn’t enjoy shopping in general. I thought that my wife would be annoyed with me if I asked for her help in getting an appropriate gift. I assumed that she wouldn’t want to help me because of her many other responsibilities. I disclosed my problem to her at the last minute, and she told me that she had plenty of opportunities to get a card and a gift if I had let her know sooner. She would have been happy to help me, but she couldn’t because she didn’t know I needed and wanted help because I didn’t ask. I never gave her a chance because I assumed to know how she would take my request. I was wrong.

    Once again, my limiting assumptions cut off possibilities for help and assistance that were readily available to me. Isn’t this similar to our relationship to God? We have needs but we don’t even bother to ask for help because we have false assumptions about who God is, what God can do, and what God wants to do for us.

    May we all grow in our awareness of the limitations that we place upon ourselves, other people, and God. And as we grow in that understanding, may we become more aware of the limitless goodness that God wishes to pour into our lives.

    Buy the way, everything worked out, despite my mistakes. Such is God’s generosity.

  3. Hi Bill,
    Great post. Humility is something that is challenging for me as well especially when I am feeling inept and vulnerable.
    Really enjoying your blog!
    Juliann Mitchell

  4. Thanks for the comment, Juliann!

    There is what I would call "false humility" that comes from thinking and feeling that we are less-than, that we are missing something that would make us a whole people. What I have discovered is that everyone in this world comes into it as a whole person.

    The common human problem is that people at various moments in their lives become disconnected from essential aspects of themselves. These disconnections are the fundamental disease that is at the root of all personal and social problems.

    I believe that you are very interested in helping people reconnect to those parts of themselves that they thought had been permanently damaged, lost, or never had in the first place. That is such important work.

    I think true humility is recognizing that we are wonderful creatures created by a wonderful God, made in God’s image with essential aspects that are reflections of the qualities of the deity. We are also creatures of the earth (humus), people with bodies that come from the earth and that will return to the earth.

    May we come to remember who we really are as children of God. And may we remember who we really are as children of the earth, born of its very substance in our bodily forms. May we come to realize how truly blessed we are to experience the profound pleasures that are available to us in our very special place in God’s economy of being. May we remember how great God really is, and that only the truly humble receive their full inheritance.