Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Mirror of Experience

Posted by Bill Frase -

For quite a while now, I have been an interpreter of dreams, my own and others’. Sometime after I started interpreting dreams, I realized that one’s waking experiences could be interpreted in very much the same way as those one had while being asleep. The more difficult circumstances of our lives tell us the most about what we really think, feel, and intend. It is in these situations that we can discover places in our spiritual selves where we have not allowed the Power of God’s Love to heal our wounds.

When it comes to any not-so-favorable situation in your life, you can ask yourself questions such as the following:

What would I need to believe about myself and/or life in order to have this experience?

What fear did that situation being out in me? Am I willing to let God’s Love heal that fear?

Am I rationalizing the situation? If I am, how would I think and feel differently if my heart was full of Love?

What do I hate about myself that would lead me into this situation? Will I let God love me? Will I love myself? Am I open to the possibility that I deserve love?

How am I judging myself? What’s the pay off for judging myself and/or others so harshly?

In what ways do I feel powerless to do something about this circumstance? Is that really true? What are my pay offs for my thoughts and feelings of powerlessness?

Whenever we judge others harshly, that judgment is a reflection of how mercilessly we judge ourselves. Whenever we feel powerless, we are taking the role of a victim so that we can deny our power to be, do, and have what we truly want. When we judge, we accept judgments against ourselves as well.

If you feel angry, jealous, or judgmental about someone else’s circumstances, you are projecting your own fears and judgments onto that situation, rather than dealing with your own personal mess.

You probably look in the mirror everyday to make adjustments to your appearance. Let us seek opportunities for love and forgiveness that are available when we use similar care in the examination of our lives. In taking the time to reflect upon our circumstances and reactions, we can recognize our choices to play victims and judges instead of seeking to become who we really are as children of our Heavenly Parent. By examining our beliefs, assumptions, and feelings, we can more clearly perceive where we have blocked the flow of Love in our lives and suffered for our fearful defenses.

Just as flowing water changes the landscape, so too will the flowing River of Love transform the landscape of your entire life if you allow it to do its work. While fear makes a deadly desert of our lives, Love has the power to make us into lush and fertile places full of color and activity and abundant life. When we seek God’s Power of Love, we are no longer thirsty people chasing after mirages shimmering in the dry heat. We become people who do not chase after images in desperation. We do not run away from that which we fear. As we experience the abundance of Love available within and without, we have more than enough to give. We have more than enough to live. We are also empowered to greet every situation, no matter how terrible, with hearts full of love and hope.

Death and violence come when love is denied. Life, peace, and healing come when we let Love in.

In a world of passing clouds and shadows, may we all be places where Love is welcome. May we become lighthouses for those caught in nighttime storms.

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