Saturday, January 24, 2009


Posted by Bill Frase - Love is the greatest power in the universe, and one of its first-born children is persistence. Continue on. Keep on going. Do not stop. Do not give up. The greatest rewards go to those who do not quit. Since you exist, there is still more for you to do.

There have been times in my life when I have given up on pursuing a goal. There is nothing wrong with quitting when it becomes clear that the goal is not something that your heart truly and deeply desires. Quitting is often painful - even as it is usually a welcome relief from the pressures to which we have subjected ourselves. But there is one goal that I have not given up on, and that I will never give up on. It is the transformation wrought by the transfusion of God’s Power of Divine Love. The journey toward this goal has incredible rewards. I can say this as a person who has only experienced a few of them to a limited extent thus far in my own journey.

Join me in persisting, even though your efforts may appear to bear no fruit. It may even seem that your efforts are bringing you misery. I’ll write more about that later. Give yourself the opportunity to trust that God is changing you into the person you are meant to become. Hold onto hope, even though your efforts only seem to bring more bad news.

Bad news is always temporary. God’s Good News is forever and for everyone. Embody Love and you too can be a bearer of Good News to a desperate species. You are needed. Not to put any pressure on you, but if you won’t do what you can do according to the Power you have received, who will? God hasn’t made any mistakes. The wisdom of the Cosmos continues to operate despite rebellion of the Divine Parent’s children.

God has not given up on us. Let us not give up on God. You are still here. That is all you need to know to get started. May we all benefit from your persistence in seeking spiritual empowerment!

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