Friday, January 16, 2009

The So-Called Afterlife

Posted by Bill Frase - Some people are really interested in the topic of the afterlife. I must admit that I always have been too. I guess it isn’t that surprising that people are interested in the life after this one, especially when we consider the fact that so many aren’t really enjoying the life they have right now. So often we think (worry?) (fear?) way too much about the future and remain imprisoned by our past experiences and choices (regrets, injuries, mistakes). My hope is that this post may help us to enter more fully into the present with its many gifts and opportunities. The truth is that you take who you are here and now with you into your next life. If you aren’t comfortable in your own skin when you die, you definitely won’t be able to escape who you really are after you die. I encourage you to seek God’s Power of Love to become your best self right here and right now. By becoming the person God wants to empower you to be, you can become a greater force for Life and Love in this world and the next.

Many people I know think that the character of their existence will change drastically when they leave their bodies behind and move into the next phase of their lives. I’m always amazed at how sure people can be in this belief without any real evidence. If one’s spiritual self is one way in this world, what makes anyone think that he or she is will be instantly altered in the next? What power or miracle will work this instantaneous transformation? What evidence do they have for this belief? Most (all?) people are ignorant of the billions of miracles that happen in every single cubic centimeter of the universe at every single moment of the eternal now. And yet despite this kind of ignorance, people claim knowledge of never-before-observed “miracles” that (at best) qualify as wishful thinking.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying God can’t do incredible things in what seems like an instant. I’m only saying that it is more likely that God doesn’t do these kinds of things, especially when we consider the evidence that God has consistently allowed people to choose freely from the very beginning to the present moment. To instantly make someone something other than he or she is right now would be a violation of that person’s free will, unless that person had so transformed his or her will as to want a radical transformation so badly that God could grant such a desire in an instant. There have not been many to any people who have been able to release their attachments to aspects of their temporary or false selves that would allow such an immediate and radical transformation. This is my understanding even though many people assume that an instantaneous transformation will “naturally” occur with the divestiture of their earthly bodies.

There are a whole bunch of people waiting for God to do something spectacular when God is doing spectacular things constantly right in front of our faces all of the time. Many people are waiting until they die before they experience a big change in their lives for the better. Why wait?! What makes anyone think that God is doing anything differently in the afterlife with people than God is doing with people right here and right now in this world? Why would God only give Power to those who aren’t in their bodies anymore? If we have spiritual selves in this life and spiritual selves in the next life, and we have the same God in both lives, doesn’t it stand to reason that there is no reason to wait for the Power that is at hand right? And if that power is at hand right now, what makes anyone think that that power will not be available to spiritual selves in the life that follows a life on earth? The hard lines that people draw between so-called life and so-called death are only that - lines that people have drawn that have little to do with reality and everything to do with the limitations that people want to create.

Despite all of the evidence regarding our situation, many people wait in this life for something amazing to happen to them. They die and continue anticipating that something dramatic will happen to them at any moment without the requirement of action on their part. There is nothing wrong with waiting for something once we have asked for it. Patience is part of living in God’s Power of Divine Love. But most people have the necessary steps out of sequence. They wait without asking, assuming that the something they need will just happen along while they sit on the curb watching their own funeral procession. Ask first. Ask with all of your might. Ask with everything you’ve got and then wait. Keep asking and keep waiting. Eventually you will receive. People’s perceptions related to receiving God’s Power of Divine Love can vary according to a multitude of factors. The important thing is to ask mightily and keep on asking, all the while waiting until the Gift of Spiritual Power is received. Once you know that you have received the Gift, ask again and again and again. Eventually you won’t want to stop asking and receiving.

If you think this sounds like a lot of work, you are right. But consider the alternative: you could just go on muddling through a so-called life wishing and waiting without doing the asking work. Then you die and realize that things haven’t really changed much for you even though you don’t have your earthly body anymore. Actually without the distractions associated with earthly existence, it’s very possible that things may seem much worse to you after you die if you haven’t done the asking. The present moment is the moment. It is the fulcrum for moving your life. God’s Power of Love is the lever. The more you ask, the longer and stronger your lever becomes, and you become more and more empowered to be a force for Life and Love in this world and in the next.

I need to let you in on a secret. Every invisible thing that you have accepted into your life before you die goes with you. This goes for the great, the good, the not so good, and the downright horrific. If you are fearful in this life, you’ll take it with you to the next. If you have been transformed by the Power of God’s Love into a new kind of person, you take that with you. If you hate and despise anyone or anything, it goes with you. If you think that you don’t deserve to be happy in this life, you’ll feel the same way in the next, and that will be your experience. I’m not saying that this is a permanent state of affairs. I just want you to know that the best time and place to work on who you are is right here and right now. And if you do as I’m suggesting in your asking work, you will have something that you can take with you into eternity. When you ask for the very Power of God, what you get, you keep. There is nothing that can deprive you of the Power you have acquired. It’s better than gold bullion. When you die, you can’t take an atom of gold with you. But whatever Spiritual Power you have received from God is yours, kept safe within your spiritual self forever, even after you die.

Instead of waiting, seek that which will transform your spiritual self into one that can live powerfully, compassionately, joyfully, responsibly, humbly, and peacefully in this world. When you can live like this on the earth with all of its beauties and difficulties, then your experience of the next phase of your existence will definitely be something beyond your current imaginative capacities.

Stop waiting for something to happen to you or to be done for you. Ask the Creator for the Power that changes everything for the better, and you will become one of God’s not-so-secret agents in this world – right here…right now.

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