Friday, February 27, 2009

Letting Love Flow

Posted by Bill Frase -

Recently I had an experience where I was in the middle of a “love fest” where everyone around me was just so positive and happy except for me. At the time I was sitting there wanting to participate in all the love and happiness going around, and I just couldn’t. Afterward I really thought about what had happened, and I realized that that circumstance had brought up feelings from my past where I hadn’t felt supported for who I really was, where people made it abundantly clear that it wasn’t okay to be myself, to do what I wanted to do. It helped me recall circumstances where I wanted love from a particular person and that person in that moment for whatever reason was not able to give me the love that I craved in the way that I wanted it.

As I remembered those moments from my past, I realized that a couple of things were going on. In those moments, I decided that I was going to lower my expectations for love, that I would try to change who I really was and what I really wanted to do to see if I could get more love the next time around from those people. In essence, I allowed a barrier to form over my heart to protect myself from getting hurt in the future. And I did this again and again as I accepted each insult as a reflection of my worth. These deposits accumulated upon my heart like so much mud and dirt, forming layers like stone over a period of years. As I remembered this process that I had allowed to happen, I realized that I chose to assume that this was my only way to seek happiness.

I also remembered that all around me in each and every one of those moments was an infinite field of Love that was always available and ready to give me the sense of love and belonging I so desired. But in the narrowness or specificity of my desire for love from particular people at particular times, this vast ocean of Love was as if it did not exist. So I was a person who was rich but believed I was poor. I had all of the food I could want, and yet want hungry. I felt thirsty even though there was wonderful freshwater raining down upon me all of the time.

I am so thankful that I have realized that I do live in a vast sea of Love, always ready and willing to do its thing whenever I let it in. How do I know this? For over a decade, whenever I have truly desired that this love would come into my life, it has. I have never been disappointed when I have asked. Never. It has always come, and I have felt its coming, sometimes like a wave and sometimes like a flame, but always it has come to me.

May we all become people who let Love in and allow it to have its way with us. May we let Love flow, dissolving and carrying away that which is dead, hard, and dry. As it does this work, it also gives us and all we touch new life. When you let this Power of Love flow, the walls will come down, and there will eventually be nothing to stop you from giving and receiving love just as the skies, the rivers, and the seas share the water that makes life on earth possible.


  1. Hi Bill,
    Being loved and allowing oneself to feel loved is so healing, as is being able to reach out and love others.
    There is book I have in my bookshelf entitled The Five Languages Of Love which you might find an interesting read. The author purports there to be five different ways that people can feel loved but every person has a preference of the five.
    Also, I write for an online magazine called Blogcritics. You might find it interesting to write for them. It is very open and you choose the topics, none are ever dictated. This would be a way for you to gain more exposure for your pieces. You are able to provide a link back to your blog or website, etc. at the bottom of each article that is published. Although there is no payment for articles published the magazine is well established and have some really good writers from all walks of life. Their URL is, go to the bottom of the first page and there are instructions for what to do if you are interested in writing for them. I think you have much to contribute and would love for others in the group and on the Internet to see it as well. The magazine is free and gets tens of thousands of hits every day.
    Best wishes,

  2. Juliann,

    Thanks for the information! I'll definitely check it out. I am aware of the book you mentioned but haven't read it yet. I'll check it out.

    Thanks for checking in!