Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Posted by Bill Frase-

Listening is one of the most important skills to develop when it comes to the quality of our lives. This is because the quality of our lives depends upon the quality of our relationships. And the quality of our relationships is a direct function of how well we listen. How well are we listening to other people? To our bodies? To God? To our hearts? To the circumstances of our lives? To the signs and symbols that are everywhere for the interpreting in our waking and in our dreaming?

Listening does not mean judging. It is not about winning. Listening is not about being right or coming up with great answers or witty replies. It is not about control, domination, fear, or haste. It is not about projecting our perspective onto someone else. Listening is a humble act where we do not assume to know or understand. It is an act where we allow the “other” (or our own heart) to speak to us so that we may experience greater harmony. It is the key to giving what is needed rather than what we think is required. It is a true act of generosity because we are giving our full time and attention.

True listening requires an open heart. To the extent that our hearts are open, we are capable of really listening. And when we really listen, love flows for the enjoyment of all.

May we create time and space in our lives to really listen, not allowing ourselves to be satisfied with superficialities.

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