Tuesday, February 3, 2009

When things aren’t going so well

Posted by Bill Frase -

I’m going to do a little more personal disclosure that I am accustomed to in this post. Recently I wrote about the Mirror of Experience. Well, I’m having some experiences right now that are interesting, not in and of themselves, but because of their cumulative nature:

Right now I am dealing with the following issues:

-Many challenges related to meeting revenue goals
-Needing to buy a new washing machine because the bearing on the old one wore out
-Needing to have a vehicle repaired
-I’ve got this really nasty cold/sinus infection thing
-I saw my chiropractor yesterday, and I normally feel better after seeing him. But now I’ve got this huge muscle spasm in my neck that I haven’t had before and it’s really bugging me.

Whenever I have this kind of confluence of not-so-pleasant circumstances, I know that I am creating a wonderful opportunity to receive more Love and experience more forgiveness. Don’t get me wrong. My attitude really stinks right now, and I am not at all pleased with these circumstances, but there are a few things that I know based on my many experienced with these kinds of situations:

My biggest breakthroughs usually occur as a result of my biggest challenges.

The greatest healing usually comes only when things get really, really bad because it’s only at that point that I am open to the help I need.

Every circumstance is temporary. It will eventually pass.

Patience is a wonderful personal quality to practice at times like these.

One challenge right now is to not give in to despair and hopelessness. No matter how convoluted the mess, it will all be straightened out eventually.

I also must challenge myself not to get down on myself and think that I’m a terrible person for having attracted such a perfect storm of not-so-lovely circumstances.

Even now I have the ability to enjoy wonderful blessings such as my son’s wonderful questions or comments and the love and support of my wife, family, friends and coworkers. I’m also doing my best to be open to the little miracles and victories that happen whenever I am open to perceiving them.

No matter how bad things appear, please, please, please(!) remember that it is all temporary. Nothing you can perceive with your natural senses or imagination is permanent. Less than favorable circumstances are a reflection of the dramas going on within our spiritual selves. When we let more Love into our lives, we are changed. When we change, we intend, feel, think, and act differently. When this happens everything around us transforms to match the person we have become.

Let’s be kind to ourselves. Life has enough challenges without us beating ourselves up over things (well, everything actually…) that will work out in the end.

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