Friday, March 27, 2009

Identity Continued

Posted by Bill Frase -

I believe that asking good questions is an important aspect of living a good life. I have asked some questions in my life that have led me places I never thought I’d go - some of them wonderful and some of them not so great. So, I’m going to ask you a question. Perhaps you have already asked it of yourself. It’s related to my previous post on identity. Take your time with it. Really sit with it when you have some time by yourself.

Who Are You?

Are you really what you tell people you are? Are you really what you think you are - your weaknesses, money, job, relationships, abilities, fears, hopes, the sum of the material circumstances over which you currently exercise stewardship? Are you your circumstances? Are you your memories? Are you your feelings? Are you your intentions? Are you your actions? Is that really the way you are and will always be?

I guess it’s more than one question I’m asking here.

I do not believe that we are any of these things, separately or collectively. At most these are some of the symbols we create for our benefit, whether we realize it or not. All of these things are perfectly designed to help us realize who we really are.

The symbols we create are specifically and perfectly designed to help us look past the images and surface features of our lives. No matter what we have experienced, these shadows beg us to go deeper into ourselves and the Source of our being.

We are so much more than we now realize. There is incredible potential within each of us, and there is nothing about our current circumstances that can or will ever change that truth.

At some point we will perceive the false nature of every apparent limitation. When we allow that to happen, our magnificence will dissolve what appeared to be permanent and immovable. In that moment there will be nothing to keep us from being who we really are. In truth we are each wonders beyond description. No mistake was made in our design. There is nothing wrong with the materials that form our being. We have been made in the invisible image of the Ultimate Power. We are heirs to riches beyond our abilities to reason or imagine, wonderful though those abilities may be.

Unlike people who inherit great wealth upon another’s death, we only receive our full inheritance when we realize that our Source is very much alive - not only alive, but the very Source of All Life. And in that knowing we realize that we have been fully known all along - guided, protected, blessed, loved, and accepted. Always. In all ways.


  1. Great blog Bill. I once asked people (friends) a series of questions- some deep, others not so much so. Their answers were far from what I would have guessed. Its a great exercise to pose a question like this and have someone ponder it for a while. If they don't reach an answer, the process is still enlightening.

  2. I agree, Lisa! And in my experience, every answer is like a single facet of a many faceted gem. Each one is revealed in turn and added to the beauty of the others, revealing new realities worthy of further exploration.