Saturday, April 11, 2009

Being Our Real Selves

Posted by Bill Frase -

I’ll tell you a little about what’s been going on with me lately. I have been realizing things about myself that were either unknown to me or just outside of my conscious awareness. I’m making connections and making distinctions that - while not always pretty or flattering - are pretty accurate, and the truth is setting me free as I open myself up to it.

We need to become aware of the things that are true about ourselves (or that we think are true but are actually false). To create awesome lives, we need to see and know what we do not see and know about ourselves right now.

We’re all going through our lives with blind spots. These blind spots come in all shapes and sizes. The problem is that these gaps in our fields of perception blind us to a lot of stuff that is right in front of our faces. I’m not being hyperbolic here. I really mean that these things are right there to be perceived, and we just don’t see them at all. Yet, we are constantly bumping into them like invisible force fields or closed glass doors that we think are open. As this happens constantly (again, no hyperbole) we wonder what is going on. Hint: You attracted it through the resonance of your personal energy field(s) with other energies that harmonized well-enough with it to bring it into your experience.

To the extent that we do not perceive our true and false selves and to the extent that we deny, suppress, and ignore our false and true selves, we suffer. This lack of perception leads to disruptions in our connections to the powers that are our birthright. As a result we experience pain. We create illusions that reinforce the lies that have become attached to our being (because we allowed them to attach themselves in the first place), sapping our strength and power. We do not fully experience our connection to the Source because we are pointing our attention in the wrong directions.

If it is the things that we do not see and do not know that we most need to deal with in order to experience our true selves and our true capabilities, how do we do that? Here are a few suggestions:

1. Get someone else with a different perspective to help you see the things that are hiding in plain sight. You need someone who will not let you off the hook and who will hold you accountable for the way you are creating your reality.

2. Remember a truth that is sprinkled throughout this blog, your experiences are a mirror of what is happening within you. Everything! When you see or experience anything that creates any kind of reaction for you, realize that you attracted that circumstance and your reaction gives you clues as to what you really think and feel. These thoughts and feelings are clues to your deepest motivations or what I like to call intentions.

3. Pretend that you are just stepping into the middle of your life for the first time, right now. You could imagine that you are an alien who has hijacked your body from an advanced civilization. This being comes from a world that has already solved all of the problems and issues that plague you and many of your fellow humans at this time. This being would have access to your thoughts and feelings and memories. What would this advanced and enlightened being’s perspective be on your experience of your existence? What would he or she find confusing, amusing, limiting, untrue, etc?

4. Keep a journal or some other kind of record of things that have your attention and look for patterns and themes. Realize that anything you experience as outside of you is an excellent reflection of the drama of what is actually going on within you. These can be waking or dreaming experiences, “real” or “imagined.” They can involve situations that have no obviously direct connection to you. It doesn’t matter. They are all giving you useful information that can help you transform your life when you pay attention. If you are not yet skilled at interpreting your reality or “reading between the lines of your life,” get someone who can help you develop those skills so that you can understand what your life is telling you about what is happening within you.

5. Come up with other ways that feel joyful to you to create more objectivity with regard to your experiences. Come up with other creative ways to hold a mirror up to your experience.

Who we are is more than enough. This is not what we have been taught so far. For most of us this idea has not yet become true. There is nothing deficient or lacking in our being. We just happen to have acquired some things that are not in harmony with the truth, with who we actually are. When we release these things (and release them we will!) our lives become unfolding adventures that are beyond our ability to imagine at this time. We exist to experience this, a Life of completely unbounded possibilities.

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