Friday, April 3, 2009

The Power of Now

Posted by Bill Frase - Be here now. There is power in the present moment. In the present there is no resistance. There is no fear. There is no anxiety. There is no guilt or shame. Now is perfect as it is. It is complete because it is the only real moment. How do I know this despite all of the apparent evidence to the contrary?

Over 15 years ago, I had a moment. It was not an ordinary moment (at least not yet). It was what could be termed a mystical experience, a spontaneous cosmic moment, a space-time mindblowing moment, a profound experience of the broader possibilities of consciousness. Whatever it was, it came at the perfect time and in the perfect place to show me that what I thought was real was not. The Real is awe-inspiring in ways that the human imagination cannot approach. I know that my experience was beyond the confines of the power of imagination to create. I could have lived a million years in workaday consciousness and never come close to imagining what I actually experienced in terms of a sense of union with the entire cosmos and the reality of the Eternal Now as a multidimensional reality. There are no words - try as I might - to convey the wonders that I experienced.

That experience put me on a quest that led me to many more wonderful and amazing discoveries. Again, things I never thought I would know or experience. When you have no idea that something even exists, how can you have any expectation that you will ever experience it as a reality?

But the main point I want to communicate right now is that the cosmos is always now. When we struggle against the present moment with our fears, resistance, doubts and rationalizations we are not in the flow of the moment. We are in conflict with the entire cosmos and the Creative Source of All Goodness. Right now everything is effortless. Right now, everything is changing. Right now everything is alive and vibrant and full of infinite possiblities. Now is the fulcrum for shifting everything for the benefit of all life everywhere.

Every good thing is possible, right now. There is no need to wait. Every good thing can be experienced right now. The universe and the Creative Source awaits our clear, singular, and uncompromised intentions to realize greater possibilities than we have thus far allowed.

The apparent limitations, challenges, problems, barriers, and structures that seem so permanent and solid only exist because a certain number of people give a certain amount of their energies to their sustenance. When enough of us realize that every ridiculous thing humanity has created is not lasting or permanent but is easily and effortlessly changeable or eraseable, these things will wither away or be transformed right before our eyes.

People are saying it will take so long for this or that good thing to come to pass. As our certainty is, so shall our experience be. Read that one again. Are you sure that what you know for sure is true?

Let's clear out all of the falsehoods we have accepted as truths. As we focus more and more with greater clarity upon the realm (dimension, reality, perception) where all good possibilities await our desire to fully realize them, our certainty shifts and those possibilities appear, not in decades or years, but in the present moment of our attention.

There is a huge shift in human consciousness on the horizon. In truth it has already begun. The time is coming when what I write will actually make sense because what I've just described will have come to pass in ways that will be impossible for any but the most cynical and stubborn to deny. And there's a very good chance that even the hardest hearts and minds won't be able to deny that incredible spiritual power has undeniably come to stay.

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