Friday, May 1, 2009

Who's Really in the Driver's Seat?

Posted by Bill Frase -

I apologize that it has been longer than I had planned to post again. I have been doing a lot of intense work upon my self and those things that I thought were a apart of my self that weren't. The work goes on, but I felt that now would be a good time to share some thoughts with you, especially given the current level of insanity on the planet.

I've been on a media blackout for quite some time - so long in fact that I don't remember when I started it. But even in my attempt to limit my exposure to such influences, I have been confronted almost daily with the human race's incredible capacity for fear.

The current global drama that is unfolding related to species-hopping pathogens is nothing more than a large scale drama that reflects the inner dramas of so many people on the planet at this time. The drama is that there is this terrible horrible thing out there (an uncontrollable creature born of an animal that has been accused of filthiness) that is out of our control in human bodies. It could destroy us or at least make things really, really bad. It is outside of ourselves and therefore we must fear and resist and panic about it, because not to worry is to let our guards down, and if we let our personal and collective guards down, who is going to protect us? We're all on our own in this thing, and we can only just hope somehow that this terrible something doesn't mess up the nice little realities we have constructed for ourselves whether we are aware of these constructions or not. We hope the storm will pass and that somehow we and those we love will be spared.

Here's the truth. Human beings created a disease that is in perfect harmony with how most humans currently think, feel, intend, and act. This new creation of ours is here to help us see what we are terrified to look at, those parts of ourselves that we have buried under layers of rationalizations, fears, negative emotions, limiting beliefs, and other patterns of energetic resistance. It is because we are absolutely terrified to explore those repressed and nearly unconscious aspects of what we think and feel deep within ourselves that we have manifested the current situation. The current outbreak represents a fear of our own internal garbage. We are so terrified to confront our shadow selves that we create things like swine flus and other really scary things.

Over the next few years, more and more of these kinds of ridiculous scenarios will play out as humanity continues its journey toward its true nature and the true nature of the Divine Source. There will be more realized dramatizations of the collective dramas that play out within the fractured consciousness of the human race at this time. They will increase in intensity and frequency because most people at this time will not let go of what they need to release without these kinds of terrifying large scale dramas playing out. Thankfully, the need to do keep repeating this pattern will eventually burn itself out.

If you fear. If you feel anxious. If you feel angry. If you feel sad or depressed or hopeless or in despair. If you doubt that you have what it takes. If you entertain even the slightest notion that you are not good enough. If you are in any way are suppressing self-hatred, suicidal or homicidal thoughts and feelings, these are all wake up calls. These feelings and patterns are telling you that it is time to do some serious accepting and letting go. Until you do, these patterns of resistance will dominate every area of our life and keep you from being who you really are.

Go deeply into your own darkness. If you are afraid to go into the shadows alone, being someone with you who can help you along the way. There are no bad or evil energies in the world today. There never have been. There are either energies that are fully accepted and embraced or energies that are resisted. Embrace all of your energies, no matter how dark they may appear to you now. By embracing and accepting them, you take back your power from them and make that power accessible to your own true spiritual self.

How will you know that this has been accomplished? You will just know. Other than that, I can say that you will have no need to resist anything aver again. You will see everything in your life as a perfect reflection of your own consciousness. When you are able to to that, you will no longer be at the mercy of the fear-based programs that have been keeping you from being fully and completely who you really are.

When enough of us have awakened from the private and collective nightmares that are currently sweeping around the planet, we won't need diseases, wars, genocide, disasters, scary people, slavery, or any other dramas to help us any more. We will see what is. And we will embrace all of it and in the embrace everything will be transformed.

You have my blessings and my love on your journey toward your true self and the True Source of All Being. Thank you for joining me!

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