Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Creative Soul

If you haven't figured it out yet, I'm pretty fascinated by the hows and the whats and the whys of life and human existence. I wanted to share a little bit of what I've discovered about the deep or core spiritual self or what may also be referred to as the soul.

The soul or core spiritual self is that most essential aspect of human nature that is made in the invisible image of the Divine Source or what some may refer to as God (I'll use these terms interchangeably). In other words, the soul is a spiritual emanation that comes directly from the Divine Source. It is designed specifically to have many aspects in common with the Divine Source. The one that I will focus on here is creativity.

Just as all that exists was created by God, we as soul-images of the Soul Source have the power to create. What many people do not realize (and what some of us are coming to understand) is that all people, being made in the invisible image of the Divine, are inherently creative. By this I mean that we are constantly creating whether we want to or not, whether we are conscious of it or not. We cannot not create. Even our attempts not to create or avoid something create circumstances and experiences that we do not want. Just because we don't want it doesn't mean we didn't create it. Actually, your not wanting something means that the experience was tailor made (by you) to help you come more fully and consciously into who you really are and who God really is. (Yes, this goes for me as well. I'm speaking from the interpretation of my own experiences here! And many of those experience were definitely unwanted!)*

Some of you may be thinking that you're not creative or that people who spend most of their time apparently doing "nothing" are not creating anything. Perhaps you can bring to mind people who are really good at destroying. Whatever apparent exceptions to my previous statements one might contemplate, beneath any appearance, creation is happening.

What I'm getting at is the idea that every circumstance we encounter, every relationship we form (with ourselves, others, God, nature, whatever), everything that we experience, everything we think, feel, say, do, intend, create, attract, desire, resist, abhor, love, regret, accept, everything that we think we are and are not (consciously or unconsciously) is a creation with one purpose:

All of these things are created by the soul through the (often unconscious) application of universal laws and principles that exist to help each and every soul realize the fullness of its infinite potential as a child of the Divine Source of All Being.

Understand that what I'm sharing here is a point of view (or points of view) expressed in language with all of its many limitations. These always amendable points of view are based on the interpretation of all of my experiences so far. Just because I can string some symbols together does not make my point of view true or eternal. I am connecting these signs and symbols together in an attempt to offer you a perspective that might open up some new possibilities for you in your life. One of the greatest shifts occurring in human consciousness at this time is the idea that we are co-creators of all that is (and therefore responsible for what is) with the capacity for creating different realities based upon the shifting of our perceptions.

You are powerful beyond your comprehension. This is true (not potentially, but actually) right here and right now. Look around you. Look within you. Everything you perceive has been attracted to you and created by you to help you experience more fully and consciously who you really are and the true nature of your relationship to the Creative Divine Source and everything that is.

Everything necessary for your growth and development is within your reach. We are where we are because it is the perfect place for us to experience what we need to experience. What is right now is our launching pad into the infinite unknown. Accept what is. You helped create it. Resisting it denies your power and responsibility in creating it. Accept your ability to consciously create the deepest desires of your soul. Much of what we currently create is created unconsciously. While our souls know what we need to come into the fullness of our being, we often deny our power and resist what we experience. When we recognize that the more challenging our life is at any particular moment, we are actually deep down (whether we know it or not) creating the tools for our liberation and transformation. When we can recognize the power of our souls to create perfectly imperfect circumstances we don't want, then we can begin choosing more consciously what we do want as the springboards for our growth and development. As we release limiting patterns of thought, feeling, intention, and action, we increase our ability to change our circumstances and our experience of those circumstances into more joyful means of discovering the truth of who we really are as children of God.

Believe me, I know how easy it is to step into victim role. It is so easy to look outside of ourselves and blame and resist what is. I'm calling you (and you are calling you**) toward an expanded awareness of what is going on in your life right here and right now. I understand how tempting it is to deny my power and responsibility for what I experience. I am begging you to consider the possibility that you are already incredibly powerful and creative. The catch is that picking and choosing which creations we are responsible for and which one's we want to blame on others is thoroughly disempowering and holding us back from who we really are and the wonderful things we can consciously create.

May we come to realize more accurately and more fully who we really are. As we do, limitations will disappear and possibilities will unfurl into many masts of sails ready to harness the wind with the sun and the sky's night lights to guide us into New Worlds unknown.

Posted by Bill Frase

*I know some of you may be tempted to step into shame, blame, anger and/or frustration when you consider that some really unwanted things were created by you. Feel whatever you need to feel. Feel it fully and completely. Go all of the way into those feelings and do not resist them. Blow it all out and breathe deeply. Take your time and be patient with yourself. Know that regardless of what is actually true about your experiences, choosing to play the role of a victim in any circumstance will only perpetuate that circumstance and like circumstances that reinforce that perception. It is when we choose to accept our power that we can use all circumstances to help us connect with our deepest passions and act upon them.

**In order to be true to the interpretations and perceptions I'm expressing above, you have called these words to you. Even though I doubt that you are consciously aware of helping me write them, you are a co-creator of this experience that we are currently sharing. (By the way if you are conscious of having helped me write these words, by all means let me know! I'd like to do some more work together where I could be conscious of your assistance!) If this post is causing persistent difficulty for you, please contact me, and I'll help you work through what is coming up. Whatever the case may be, may your awareness of your blessings increase perpetually.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Setting Your Inner Control Freak(s) Free

Wow! It's been a while since I last posted. But I'm back to posting regularly. I hope that you will find some things here to help you on your journey.

I have recently come to realize that I have been way too uptight for most of my life. For those of you who know me, I'm sure this comes as a GIGANTIC surprise (unless you are way too uptight yourself and just accept it as a healthy way to be like I have for all of these years.)

Anyway, this post is for anyone who can benefit from my current perspective on letting go of your inner Control Freak, loosening up, and having some fun.

Many of us were taught that being uptight is the way that things get done, the key to safety and security, the best way to stay out of trouble - generally an effective way to get along in the world as it is currently constructed. You know, life is serious business, and if you relax too much, everything just might fall apart if you relax a little bit. While this may be a common perception, it is not necessarily true. Just because a whole bunch of people are uptight does not mean that this is the most effective and productive way to be.

Through a recent series of synchonistic events, it has been made clear to me that it is now time for me to RELAX BIG TIME and set my inner Control Freaks free. By relaxing, I'm not talking about doing nothing. I'm just currently in the process of changing my intentions around my doings, havings, and beings. Instead of being frustrated, tense and resistant about what I desire to do, be and have, I'm working toward acceptance of what is. I'm opening to the possibilities of seeing the perfection in imperfection and the imperfection in perfection. (Actually I'm really interested in leaving polarities like perfect and imperfect behind altogether. I really want to see things as they are instead of imposing limiting concepts such as these onto the flow of experience. It's a process. I'll keep you posted.)

Our Control Freaks are so familiar that we usually don't even know that they exist. Over a year ago, I was fascinated by the idea of Control Freaks and even have some unpublished writings in my archives on the topic. I was writing about Control Freaks without even realizing that my perfectionism was a Control Freak too! I like to think I'm a pretty introspective kind of guy, and I was totally clueless about the power that this pattern was exhibiting over my life!

If you wonder if you are some kind of Control Freak, just ask to have your Control Freak aspects revealed to you, and circumstances will conspire to reveal your Control Freak(s) through intense emotions related to something not going the way you think it 'should" go. "Should" is definitely a sign of a Control Freak in need of Love. Should is all about judgment, and judgement is a perception that has little room for Love. Love unites. Judgment divides. So love all of the Control Freaks in your life, whether they reside within you or appear outside of your body. Hating, resisting, or fighting them will not help to set them free from limiting loops of thought, feeling, and behavior that have you trapped.
If things have to be a certain way for you to be happy, to that extent you're a Control Freak. I'm not judging this way of being, but as a fellow recovering Control Freak, I've got to tell you that I know there are better ways to be. I've tasted some of them. I've even had a few full-course meals of these non-Control-Freak-ways-of-being. They always taste better and they don't give you heart burn or indigestion. I encourage you to try them out. Try them on.

Allowing one's inner Control Freak to run the show is like being in prison. Not only are you constantly judging other people but yourself as well. And while it may not be obvious on the surface that this is really causing any harm, I'm telling you that everyone and everything around you can feel your judgment, even if they can't tell you exactly what's going on.

As I mentioned earier, one of my big Control Freaks is the Perfectionist. So to all of you recovering perfectionists out there, there is hope. I'm telling you it wasn't that long ago that I had NO CLUE how my perfectionistic tendencies were keeping me from all kinds of cool experiences and perceptions of blessings. When we become aware of these patterns, we can begin the process of freeing ourselves from their once-invisible strangleholds.
Even though this post is not a perfect and complete as the perfectionistic pattern I've grown accustomed to would like it to be. Even though I've left out a whole lot of cool stuff and examples and movie references I hoped to share, I'm going to wrap this post up now. I hope it helps. Please remember questions and comments are always most welcome.

I'd like to thank Gina Mazza Hillier, author of Everything Matters Nothing Matters , for creating a contrast between her way of being in her book and my own life pattern of unrecognized Control Freakishness. I'd also like to thank both of my coaches, Lisa Spahr and Brenda Young for inspiring this particular post, not because they are too uptight, but because they have recently helped me to realize that I've been way too up tight for most of my life through their not-so-up tight-way-of-being and their compassion and support as I continue my journey.

You are more powerful than you can imagine. Believe it. Know it.

- Posted by Bill Frase