Friday, September 18, 2009

Hidden Opportunities

This will be a short post. Each and every one of us is surrounded by opportunities in infinite supply. There's no shortage; there are no limits. And yet most of us, most of the time, miss all but a tiniest fraction of the opportunities that we are blessed with each and every moment of our lives.

I would like to encourage you to look at a circumstance in your life that has you hooked - something that when you experience it or think about it or hear about it really creates an emotional charge for you.

Spend some time focusing on that circumstance, pattern, or situation. Keep asking yourself or your Cosmos, Source or God the following kinds of questions:

What are the possibilities in this seemingly negative situation?
What is right in front of me that I am not seeing?
What is within my reach that I am not receiving?
What apparent limitations am I accepting as real?

So far there is no such thing as the discovery of a real limitation. Scientifically and philosophically speaking, no limitation has ever been proven beyond the possibility of doubt, ever. All perceptions of limitations are only hypotheses to be tested over and over again. The chances are very good that in the fullness of eternity, every hypothesis of limitation will not be supported by the evidence ultimately.

If you can really believe and trust that there is something of value in the situation (even if you can't perceive it right now), you will eventually discover it.

I wish you the very best as you allow the seemingly bad to be revealed for what it is, an infinite supply of opportunities!

Posted by Bill Frase

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Life without Limits

We are all being called to live as fully as we can all of the time. Every circumstance, no matter what its appearance (our interpretation) is perfectly co-created and attracted to us by the energies of our spiritual center or soul (and its associated energy systems). As we develop (which is both a matter of subtraction and addition), we grow in our ability to see the galaxy of gifts that reside within each and every circumstance (consciously desired or not). Everyone in our lives is our teacher and we are theirs. Everything in our life (and not yet in our life) exists to assist us in our process of change and growth.

Feel free to ask yourself questions like the following when you wonder why something is going on. Isn’t it interesting how we usually only wonder why something is happening when we don’t want it?

What am I choosing to focus on here?
What are the possibilities or opportunities in this circumstance?
What things can I learn from this person?
What could I let go of to change this situation?
What other, more empowering points of view I could take?
What am I refusing to see or acknowledge here?

Remember, just because you think a thought does not make it true. Actually all thoughts by their very nature are inherently limiting. This means that they can never be completely and totally true in and of themselves. The mind can only access energies up to a certain point. After that, other perceptual faculties must be engaged. Realize that beyond any thought you may have, even the most expansive and enlightened that you can imagine, there are even broader and more spectacular vistas to experience.

Continue to believe in them and seek them with your whole heart and you will always be more than pleasantly surprised.

Posted by Bill Frase

Sunday, September 6, 2009

What Lies Beneath

Recently, I have been contemplating the nature of belief. And through my studies and experiences I have come to understand that there are two basic kinds of belief.

There is the belief that something is true - what might be called intellectual assent.

There is also the belief in someone – what might be called faith.

It has really been hitting home lately that intellectual assent to particular ideas and concepts is not very helpful in getting what we want. In the mind, this kind of belief can create a sense of power and control. Actually it ultimately manifests itself as the opposite of power and in various forms and structures that are completely out of control.

Real power comes from believing in someone. There are many persons that are worth believing in. In this post, I’ll focus on two that you cannot afford not to believe in.

The First Person is God - the Divine Source - whatever you want to call the Consciousness Who Has Made Everything Possible. Believing in this Person (or these Persons as you may be so inclined) is so critical to experiencing success and fulfillment in our existence. Without believing in this One, we have no firm foundation to stand upon. Without faith in the Source,everything becomes random and meaningless except to the extent that we create games and stories that have to do with the accumulation of stuff that the bio-body’s senses can register easily and consciously. Without God, addiction is an acceptable way of being since there is nothing behind, above, or under what our bio-body’s sensory systems can detect.

The Second Person to believe in is ourselves. Believing in this person flows logically from belief in the First Person. But emotionally, at least for me, this has been a tougher one to accept and experience. Even though I trust that God creates everything good, and even as I can intellectually agree that God made me without any fundamental flaws or defects, honestly, this is not how I have viewed myself for most of my life up to this point.

For as long as I can remember, I have thought that I was this really horrible, terrible person. I was always looking to get caught for doing something wrong. I think this goes back to early experiences where I did something that others in my world appeared to interpret as being out of harmony with their desires. In those moments I decided to trust the apparent opinions of others (and my interpretations of those apparent opinions) regarding my actions. I even went so far as to take the extra step of making the assumption that because I had done something that did not align with another’s desires, then I must be a bad person myself. I know this makes no sense logically. I made a fundamental error in logic every time I took other people’s apparently negative attitudes toward my behavior and then jumped to conclusions that those attitudes had something to do with my inherent beingness. I chose to believe that there must be something inherently wrong with me as a person. Not a very empowering choice, I must admit.

For me these kinds of energy currents have been running so deep that I have not been very aware of them for the most part. It was only recently that I realized that I had to let these limiting patterns of thought and feeling go if I was to have a chance at helping people in the ways that I desired to be of service. Part of the reason I’m writing this now is because I hope that my sharing some of these discoveries may help you on your journey.

None of us wants to think we are evil or bad people. We all want so badly to be good and to do what’s right. But many of us have accepted stories and interpretations that go against the truth of our inherent goodness and innocence. We have bought into lies and even created lies that have “helped” us “make sense” of our experiences.

Now is a perfect time to release these limiting ideas about who we really are. Now is a perfect time to discover and release the false ideas that have us stuck in lives that are less than what our souls long to experience. Now is the time to step into the truth of who we really are as wondrous works of a wondrous Creative Being.

The facades we have created to shield us from judgment and criticism are defenses for things about ourselves that are not even true! We try to pretend and protect ourselves from people discovering the “truth” about us, when the very truth we are trying to hide is a lie to begin with! It’s really insane when you think about it.

I’m discovering that believing in myself means that I am being called to believe in the One who made me. It also means that I am being called to get underneath all of the stuff that would have me think that I am really anything less than glorious and amazing. Remember, I created this stuff to generate a sense of consistency and predictability within my interpretation of my experiences. These feelings and ideas are simply patterns of energy, not facts, and definitely not the creations of the Divine Source in Whom I believe!

Should you embark upon a similar mission to uncover your true self, I must warn you that it is often not a pleasant process. We are used to our junk and baggage. It’s familiar. It’s comfortable because we are accustomed to the pain and suffering it beings to us over and over again. It keeps us in crappy little boxes that, while confining, are also comforting because they give us a false sense of control over our worlds. The truth is that as long as this mostly unconscious crap is running the show, we are slaves to it, and suffocating underneath it, whether we realize it or not.

Let it go. Let it go. Let it go! For your sake, for my sake, for the sake of all that lives. Be who you really are - which is much less (of the limiting stuff) and much more (of the limitless stuff) than you can imagine right now. Know that there are a whole bunch of us waking up from our individual and collective nightmares. Don’t be left out when the really cool stuff starts happening! Waking up is worth every challenge that goes with it.

You are magnificent. You are amazing. You are here to give much more than you know. There is only one of you, a unique expression of the Glorious Source of Being. Under all of the stuff that’s got you stuck, is a being of light and love. With the Divine Source as the ground beneath our feet and the sun in our sky, there is no good thing that cannot be accomplished. There is no wonder that cannot be beheld. And a huge part of what makes life wonderful is the unfolding realization of who we really are as beings of limitless potential. We are people made of and for and to love. Eventually we will all know it and live it. Let’s discover it together and help each other to see what lies buried beneath the less-than-awesome!*

*In case you think you need to clear up all of your mess to be of service or to make a difference in this world. Let it go. It is in dedicating yourself to be of as much service as you can be that you will be able to let go of a lot of this stuff. Dedication is the goal, not perfection! (My Life Coach, Lisa Spahr, reminded me of this truth very recently and it has helped me immensely.) I’m working on this myself. - Posted by Bill Frase