Saturday, September 12, 2009

Life without Limits

We are all being called to live as fully as we can all of the time. Every circumstance, no matter what its appearance (our interpretation) is perfectly co-created and attracted to us by the energies of our spiritual center or soul (and its associated energy systems). As we develop (which is both a matter of subtraction and addition), we grow in our ability to see the galaxy of gifts that reside within each and every circumstance (consciously desired or not). Everyone in our lives is our teacher and we are theirs. Everything in our life (and not yet in our life) exists to assist us in our process of change and growth.

Feel free to ask yourself questions like the following when you wonder why something is going on. Isn’t it interesting how we usually only wonder why something is happening when we don’t want it?

What am I choosing to focus on here?
What are the possibilities or opportunities in this circumstance?
What things can I learn from this person?
What could I let go of to change this situation?
What other, more empowering points of view I could take?
What am I refusing to see or acknowledge here?

Remember, just because you think a thought does not make it true. Actually all thoughts by their very nature are inherently limiting. This means that they can never be completely and totally true in and of themselves. The mind can only access energies up to a certain point. After that, other perceptual faculties must be engaged. Realize that beyond any thought you may have, even the most expansive and enlightened that you can imagine, there are even broader and more spectacular vistas to experience.

Continue to believe in them and seek them with your whole heart and you will always be more than pleasantly surprised.

Posted by Bill Frase

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