Saturday, October 3, 2009

Excavating You

I'd like to share a little bit of what is coming through today for me.

We have all received messages throughout our lives from within and without indicating that there is something wrong, missing, and/or deficient about us. The basic idea is that we must become someone or something other than who we are. It's a lie. Who we are is enough. We already are who we really are. The challenge is letting go of all of the false ideas, beliefs, patterns, habits, behaviors that do not accurately reflect our true deep nature. Our true nature has been buried under layers of untruths accepted, like layers of paint on a lighting fixture.

We seek the light outside of ourselves when in truth it radiates from within. We reject and resist the shadows within ourselves and outside of ourselves (as unconscious projections of our inner shadows) when these are the perfect opportunities to better see the bright lights within and without.

Trying, pushing, dragging, pulling, or forcing anything at any time is a denial of the truth of our own power to be who we are, do what our hearts long to do, and have what we need to fully express our true selves. Yes, there are times that we are tested on our journey back to our true selves. We only ace those tests when we dig deeply into our spiritual selves and live from that brilliantly sane place. There is a firm and solid space available to each of us. We only feel disconnected from it when we try to stand upon the pile of debris that we have allowed to adhere to its dazzling surface.

I encourage you to spend some time with your deep self each day. Invest the time in excavating your own inner stronghold. As you do, you will gain the clarity to create a life that is a more accurate representation of your own deep soul nature. In very many ways, you are the answer you have been searching for. You are the solution to every challenge you experience. Your greatest treasures lie deep within you, waiting for you to recognize them so that you may better share them with others. Here's to the real you!

Posted by Bill Frase