Sunday, March 7, 2010

Manifesto of the Spiritual Empowerment Movement

We dedicate ourselves to the transformation of the cosmos through the acquisition of Spiritual Power. The Spiritual Power we seek comes from the Ultimate Source of All Being. We recognize the temptations to give up our quest in the face of various forms of resistance and societal pressures. We will continually persist in our goal of ever-more fully embodying and living according to the Power which comes from the very Source of Life itself. We believe in the unending possibility of ever-more complete acquisition of this Power and the blessings associated with it.

We affirm that each person is made in the invisible image of the Creative Source of All Being. This invisible image is often referred to as the soul or spirit or mind. We affirm that the numerous invisible images and the Ultimate Source of Being are the most fundamental forces involved in the creation of what is commonly referred to as reality. We affirm that the most sacred relationship is between Creator and Creation is the relationship of the Great Over-Soul of the Creator to the created soul of each individual. We believe that this relationship involves the reception of and participation in Divine Essential Energy or Energies by the created image from the Creative Source.

We affirm the urgency of this task of spiritual transformation of the human being into the Uncreated Energy or Energies of the Divine Source. This is the most powerful and direct way for people to act in greater harmony with the desires of the Creative Source and the best aspects of themselves. This urgency also has its roots in the current state of the human race and the Earth that human beings currently inhabit. We affirm that we are at one of the most critical junctures in the history of the earth and the human race. There are those who desire to control other people and the wealth of the world for selfish aims. We stand in opposition to such greed and abuse and the many ways that people choose to live as immature, selfish little gods. We do affirm that each person is entitled to be themselves as fully as they can be, to share fully in the resources of the cosmos as everything that exists is for the benefit of all, not for the benefit of a few.

We affirm that each person is to be uplifted by the community or communities to which they belong with the means to produce things of value for others so that they may care for themselves and those who have been entrusted to their care.

We disagree with those who would affirm that there is only one best or true religion. We affirm that no one sect, denomination, religion, or faith tradition has the final say concerning all truth and goodness. Religions are human creations for the systematization, codification, and ritualization of the various forms of faith and infinite configurations of beliefs. We affirm that every religious system and order has a place in the cosmic economy of being. People have been created with free will, and nothing justifies the persecution or suppression of any form of religion over any other, ever. Each faith community has its unique role to play in bringing people into greater alignment with the desires of the Divine Source.

We seek not to create another religion. We seek to be a community of people committed to uplifting all people through living from a Deep and Persistent Divine Compassion. We are a movement committed to doing our best as we are empowered by the Source of Life to do. We participate in a variety of faith traditions, and our pursuit of Divine Power is part of our efforts to more fully live out the best of our particular faith traditions, while not being confined to the limitations of any religion or system.

As we affirm the place of all religions in the economy of the cosmos, we also freely choose from the various religions and faith traditions that the human race has created to help us communicate the contents of our personal and collective faith. Many in this movement will use or even adopt for themselves labels from particular religions or faith traditions. The use of labels, scriptures, languages, stories, symbols, signs, and rituals appropriated from various religions does not constitute a wholesale affirmation or adoption of everything contained in any religion or faith tradition. These choices are made to help us share our beliefs, experiences, and perceptions as authentically as we possibly can. We recognize and affirm the fundamental unity and infinite value of all people regardless of the religions and faiths that they embrace. We believe that what we share as human beings is of much greater significance than the differences between us. We believe that by focusing on what we have in common we increase our chances of experiencing peace and unity with the Creative Source, each other, and all of creation.

As members of this movement, we recognize that while we may have more affinity to particular traditions and/or communities, this affinity in no way diminishes our desire to come closer to the Truth than any system can allow. Since each system constitutes a frame, we desire to experience as much of the work of art of reality as we can that cannot be contained by any frame.

We recognize that we do and will continue to think and act in ways that are out of harmony with what we affirm and have committed ourselves to. We will do our best to correct our mistakes and trust that the Source will be able to undo whatever other harm we may have done that we cannot personally or collectively undo through our own agency - such is our belief and trust in the Ultimate Power of the Divine Source. There are things of which we are ignorant and there will always be things that are as yet unknown to us. We will seek to live lives marked by humility, even as we are determined to live boldly according to the Power we have received through persistent seeking in faith.

We affirm the ability of the Divine Source of All Being to use all circumstances for the advancement of the Source’s purposes. We affirm our belief that the Divine Source is completely and thoroughly benevolent. And while we do not believe that the Divine Source causes things that appear from some perspectives to be harmful, we do believe that the Source can help people use such circumstances as opportunities to come into greater alignment and harmony with the Divine Source. In fact, we believe that this is the very reason why the Source, in The Source’s infinite wisdom, allows such challenging circumstances to occur in the first place.

We seek wisdom and knowledge from the Source of All Being, for the purpose of knowing how best to live. We believe that the best way to live and act in the world is according to the Principles of Consciously Empowered Affirmation. We recognize that as we undergo the process of transformation according to Divine Power we will continue to be tempted to seek stagnation, protection, and contemplation as replacements for progress, strength, and action. We recognize that it is tempting to use humility as an excuse for timidity or inaction. We will do our best to allow the Source and our communities to help us overcome these tendencies to deny the truth of what we have received and experienced. We will seek to more fully live with generosity and magnanimity toward all, including ourselves.

We dedicate ourselves to loving those who would call themselves our enemies. We seek not to destroy anything, but to build up those things which are conducive to life and freedom and peace for all.

And while we do not claim to know the truths of alchemy as a physical science, we do affirm that there is a way to experience the Philospher’s Stone and the Panacea as actual facts in one’s own life. While immortality of the biomechanical aspects of a being may not be possible, personal knowledge of the immortality of the Spiritual Self or soul is a possible and a desirable goal whereby the existential anxiety that comes with the philosophical possibility of annihilation is circumvented for eternity through the acquisition of Eternal Energy or Energies. We recognize the very Power of the Divine Source as the means for healing every disease that the human race has brought upon itself through rebellion against the benevolence of the Cosmos and Divine Source of Everything.

We affirm that the way to acquire Spiritual Energy or Energies that make for the realization of to goal of Divinization, theosis, transfiguration, enlightenment, at-one-ment with the Divine Source is through sincere desire for its inflowing in a state of faith or trust that the Divine Source will confer this substance to every creature who earnestly desires to receive it and experience the transformation that it produces. This process is often referred to as prayer. To clarify, prayer that brings this substance comes from the soul or invisible image of one who seeks that which the Divine Source desires to share with each Spiritual Self.

We take humility seriously, knowing that while we seek that which comes directly from the Ultimate to the created, such reception does not make some more important that others, but rather it changes people in ways that make them more compassionate toward all life forms, affirming their worth and fundamental unity derived from creation by the One Great Source of Goodness.

We do not care what things are called so much as achieving results that lead to the transformation of people and thus the transformation of the cosmos for the better.

*If you desire to officially or unofficially join the Spiritual Empowerment Movement, please contact me. I would love to update you with stories, inspirations, affirmations, aphorisms, prayers, tools, techniques, resources, etc.
Posted by Bill Frase